“Deltarune”: Toby Fox does not report new chapters, but promises an anniversary special

fans of Deltarune: Unfortunately there will be no new chapters any time soon. However, on the other hand, Toby Fox is promising something “special” for the game’s anniversary, so this might make up for the bad news.

A year without chapters?

Well, at least it’s something to bail us out. I wish.

In a recent Twitter mail, deltrarune developer Toby Fox made some big announcements about the game. You can see the Tweet above. However, according to him, there will be no new chapters of the game for this year in 2022. That could hint at a 2023 release date for any new chapters, but even that is just pure speculation for now. Take it with a grain of salt until we hear something official from Toby Fox. Speaking of which, in case the above Tweet doesn’t show up for some reason, you can find the exact words of said Tweet below:

“We won’t be able to release any new DELTARUNE chapters this year… But, as usual, we have something special planned for the UT/DR Ch2 anniversary… See you next week!”

Fortunately, there is hope. Toby Fox in the same Tweet mentions that they have something “special” [sic] planned for the anniversary of Undertale and Deltarune Ch. 2. Both were released in September, the first with a release date of September 15, 2015 and the second with a release date of September 17, 2021. This means that this special thing it will arrive next week, as of this writing. However, Fox is keeping pretty tight-lipped about what this anniversary special could be. All we can do is hope it gets us through to Deltarune Ch. 3. Please tune back into THS next week to find out when we will.

Deltarune: Details

The dog level in this trailer is over 9000!

Deltarune is a fantasy RPG that is also a sequel (?) or possibly a spin-off (?) of under the tale. Toby Fox is both the developer and publisher along with 8-4 for the Japanese localization. Fox is also a designer, programmer, writer and composer; with Temmie Chang and Kanotynes ​​as performers.

As for what Deltarune it’s about? Well, Steam has an official synopsis for the game on their store page. Check it out below:

“UNDERTALE’s side story, DELTARUNE. Meet new and old characters in a story that draws to its end, chapter by chapter. He dodges bullets in non-violent RPG battles while listening to cool, funky music. Try chapters 1 and 2 for free… now!!! More chapters in development!!!”

you can download Deltarune chap. 1 and ch. 2 free from Steam, PlayStation Store or Nintendo eShop. If you want to check out the previous game to get even more of this game, you can also purchase under the tale from Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store or Nintendo eShop.

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