DC’s Flash Puts Fast and the Furious to Shame (But Not How You Think)

In a new preview of The Flash, Wally West and his fellow speedsters put the Fast and Furious crew to shame (although it has nothing to do with speed).

This post contains a preview of Flash #786

In a new preview of DC Comics’ The flashWally West and his fellow speedsters are putting the fast and the furious franchise to shame (although it really has nothing to do with speed). A main theme in high-octane movies starring Vin Diesel as street racer and ex-con Dom Toretto, Fast and furious the movies are all about family, an approach Toretto repeatedly mentions throughout the entire Fast saga. As such, the updated Flash family takes that family concept to a whole new level as they work together to save the world in DC today. Dark Crisis.


In previous issues of The flash, the Flash family worked together to find and rescue Flash from Barry Allen who had been trapped in the multiverse thanks to the villainous Pariah. Now, Barry has joined forces with Green Lantern Hal Jordan to save the rest of the similarly trapped Justice League who were thought to be dead. Additionally, it was recently revealed that Wally’s wife Linda mysteriously gained her own speed powers, resulting in every member of the West family having a connection to the Speed ​​Force.

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Now, Wally and the Flash family are seen joining the rest of the world’s surviving heroes in the new preview of Flash #786 by the writer Jeremy Adams and the artist Amancay Nahuelpan. tie on dark crisis on infinite earths, Deathstroke’s army is still on the loose causing chaos in the service of Pariah and the Great Dark. While teams like the Justice Society of America, Teen Titans, and the Bat-Family will head to cover various regions of the planet, the Flash Family can cover the entire world multiple times thanks to their speed and numbers. After all, the main Wests join the larger Flash family, like Kid Flash, Jessie Quick, Jay Garrick, and Max Mercury (proving that the family is their greatest power beyond their speed). Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:

  • FLASH #786
  • Even by Wally West standards, the Flash has been on the run recently, and that’s before he had to help out following the loss of the Justice League. And while everything is happening everywhere, he and Linda need to talk…

While Linda and Wally still need to talk about their new speed powers, it’s great that no one is left behind during this new Crisis event. Similarly, it makes sense that the more speedsters working together, the better protected the world is until the Justice League returns. The sprinter rally is a lot of fun and serves as the backbone of the plan to keep the world safe without any other team being able to be everywhere at the same time (or at least as close to full global coverage as possible). .

While Dom Toretto sees his crew as his family in the Fast and Furious franchise, it certainly sounds like he’d be impressed by Wally West and his Flash Family (as well as their incredible speed). At a minimum, they certainly seem to share similar values ​​about the power of family over anything else. The Lightning #786 premieres on September 20.

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