Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Poop Follower Form

From knowing how to get the poop follower form in the cult of the lamb to catching fish in the sea, it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Cult of the Lamb unfolds with the slaying of a lamb by the four prophets. However, a God called He Who Waits resurrects the Lamb but not without self-interest. You can also check out our Cult Of The Lamb review.

The lamb starts his own cult to defeat those prophets and take revenge on the One who waits.

Not only that, but make sure you cater to all the needs your followers have. From feeding them, performing various rituals, making sure everyone has shelter, and even making sure of their good health.

However, if you don’t do any of these, your followers might even turn against you, so make sure they’re happy and satisfied. Do not forget to check out the guide we have handpicked in the weapon tier list for the cult of the lamb. Without further ado let’s begin our guide on how to get the poop follower form in the Cult of the Lamb.

Sick follower healing and cleaning poop

Cult of the Lamb includes many things, including taking care of your sick followers and cleaning up their poop and vomit.

How is poo produced in the cult of the lamb?

If there’s poop and vomit all around you, there has to be a reason, right? Well, here we have a list of the possible reason that causes poop:

  • Poop: When followers eat, the extra needs to be extracted. However, there are foods like the Basic Berry Bowl, so you increase the chances of your followers pooping.
  • Threw up: When your followers look at all the corpses, poop, and a lot of vomit, they will naturally be nauseous and thus end up throwing up.
  • Illness: Sickness occurs when your followers live in an environment that is not very well maintained and unsanitary. When you leave dead bodies unattended, the chances of disease spreading increase.
  • Evil Bishop: You will interact with a very evil bishop, and he will curse your followers with diseases.
Cult Of The Lamb on how to get poop follower form
Followers getting sick

You will have to face sick followers as part of some of the quests. However, when these appear in the summoning circle, they are open to contracting the disease.

how to clean poop

You will have to clean up the poop manually at the beginning of the game. For that, you will have to move towards the debris on the ground and click the E button. Doing so will clean up the poop. Additionally, poop can also be turned into a fertilizer that would help your crops grow.

Form of poop follower in the cult of the lamb
Fertilizing your crops through poop

However, there will be several more options available to you through the Divine Inspiration mechanic.

refinery row

  • Building a latrine: A place for your followers to poop. However, you would still need to pick up poop that is piled up in one place. Luckily, it doesn’t spread everywhere.
  • A concierge station: Once you have built the outhouse, you can ask your followers to help you clean the place. Your followers will deal with the poop after they find it on the ground.

four rows of worship

Latrine No. Two: The Outhouse No.2 is like the lower level variant. However, he has a greater ability to do things.

Healing Sick Followers

You can heal your followers who get sick in the following ways:

  • Give them bed rest: You should have a conversation with your followers and ask them to rest in bed if they don’t feel well. However, if the condition of his follower isn’t that bad, he can’t ask her.
  • healing bay: You will need to build a healing bay to heal your followers and feel better. Doing so will heal them completely. What you have to do is pick up any of the followers who are sick. Also, you will need to use 15x Camellia on them to get them back.
  • Healing bay two: The first level variant to help your follower heal. However, it would not be of much use since you are heading towards the end of your game queue.
How to get poop follower form
To get sick.

How to get poop follower form

For you to know how to get the poop follower form in the Cult of the Lamb, you’ll need to gather some of the weirdest things out there. Lots of achievements will be unlocked, resulting in a 100% win if you manage to do it.

All you need to collect includes many follower forms, and on each follower form you get, you will be rewarded. The Form of Followers you would need to collect will include Monsters, Snails, some squishy creatures, and one very gross item, poop.

Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Poop Follower Form
Poop Follower Form

In the adventure of gathering forms of followers, there is a rather unsanitary and dirty element. You can go for the item if you have the courage, called poo. You can unlock the poop follower form by putting a pack of dung on their heads.

Also, choosing not to get into this is not a choice. You need to know how to get poop followers form in Cult Of The Lamb if you want to get ahead in a game.

Why You Should Get The Poop Follower Form

Let us tell you in advance that getting the poo follower form is not a difficult job; however, how you can get the poop follower form in the lamb cult is extremely disgusting. The players would have to feed their followers. To do this, you need to know how to get the Poop Follower Form in Cult Of The Lamb and get closer to the Full Herd Achievement.

However, your hands will get very dirty in the process of scooping up tons of poop and turning it into food for your followers. However, the poop-based food you feed your followers can also make them sick. But still, there’s a small chance it won’t affect your followers much, and they’ll be fine.

You would have to collect the poo and put it in a container to cook. Your followers will be able to use them. However, there is no right number for how many bowls you need to prepare for your followers.

How to get poop follower form
cooking food

However, creating around 18 bowls of food for your followers can be a bit tricky.

How To Get A Cult Of The Lamb Poop Follower
poop bowl

Also, if you want your followers to get most of the food, make sure there is a healing bay. Also, you would need the Camellia Flowers in case someone gets sick. If players have the ability to eat through the Red Crown, they can do the task themselves, since the Lamb is not exposed to getting sick.

However, it would be pretty disgusting to see your followers consume all the poop food and then vomit. Also, it is important for you to know how to get the Poop Follower Form in Cult Of The Lamb.

Being able to know how you can get the poo follower in the cult of the lamb gets you there towards the end of the game.

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