Cult Of The Lamb: How To Catch Lobsters And Squid

In the Cult Of The Lamb guide, you will know how to catch lobster and squid and how that will benefit you in the game. The Cult Of The Lamb game belongs to the action-adventure genre, where it was developed by Massive Monster. The game was produced by Devolver Digital and was released on August 11, 2022. You can play it on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.

A lamb is killed at the beginning of the game for the sake of sacrifice. However, a new god revives him, but with the task of killing all the previous gods who tried to imprison him. You can also check out our guide on weapon tier list for Cult Of The Lamb. The game continues with the killing of enemies and the conquest of various dungeons. What makes Cult of the Lamb interesting is that everyone here is an animal, and you are the leader of that cult.

You must fulfill your task by gathering different animals. Also, you need to feed your herd and keep them satisfied. You can do all of that by learning about the faith, the sermons, and even the rituals. Also, check out how Cult Of The Lamb have widened players to One Million on the first weakness. The game presents you with different things like grass, stones, gold and much more. You can make use of these things and create amazing things. Let’s discuss our topic now, How to catch lobster and squid in The Cult of the Lamb.

Mission to catch lobsters and squid

Cult of the Lamb includes several quests that you have to solve. Beats Below The Waves Quest is one such quest. Also, you need to catch lobsters and squid to complete this quest.

The Beast Beneath the Waves Side Quest

As you progress through the Cult of the Lamb Beast, you will interact with various people who will ask you for the strangest things as the leader of the cult. If you want the story to move forward, you will have to take down the enemies. Darkwood will be full of enemies everywhere.

You will know the Paso del Peregrino from the hand of a Fisherman. You will get a reward for unlocking a task that will change the way you attack the Crusader. Therefore, you will need to catch a lobster and a squid for the fisherman.


How to solve the quest for the beast under the wavy side

Once you’ve returned to your Cult, you can use the warp pad found at the top of that area. Doing this will take you towards Pilgrim’s Pass, where the fisherman will be found at the bottom of the pier.

The Cult of the Lamb Catching Lobsters and Squid
beast under the waves

You can unlock the fishing mini game while chatting with the Fisherman who will ask you for help once you find the fish. Then the quest for The Beast Beneath the Waves begins. In this quest, you will need to bring a Carb, an Octopus, a Lobster, and a Squid, and. For you, getting the first thing is easier, however, knowing how to catch a lobster and a squid in Cult Of The Lamb is quite difficult.

How to catch a lobster and a squid

As a Cult Of The Lamb player, you will have numerous ways to catch lobsters and squid. However, we will discuss the easiest one for you here called Ritual Unlock. It will be extremely easy for you to know how to catch a lobster and a squid in Cult Of The Lamb by unlocking said ritual. To ensure you unlock the correct type of ritual, you will need to collect Stone Tablets.

How to catch lobster and squid in Cult Of The Lamb

You need to make sure that it is full tablets by getting three pieces of those stone tablets. Also, you can do it by crossing or even leveling up. Once you are done with that, you will enter the third level, which is the Tree of Doctrine Sustenance.

Ritual: Bounty of the Ocean

You will be presented with another ritual, called the Bounty Of The Ocean. Once you have unlocked that ritual and used it, the number of fish you collect will double. Furthermore, this will also release all kinds of rare fish at a faster speed.

Doing so will stop the drop rate of lobster and squid, making them easier to catch. Players will be able to catch lobsters and squid in large numbers by completing the ritual. However, this cannot be done without you heading towards Pilgrim’s Pass.

Catch lobsters and squid
ocean beauty ritual

Other than that, the cost of that ritual is 75 Bones that you will be performing. Although, if you have the cheaper Rituals of Divine Inspiration unlocked, pay only 37 Bones.

Other ways to catch lobsters and squid

In case you don’t want to waste your time searching and spending the resources for the Ritual Of The Bounty’s Ocean, don’t worry because we have you! There are many other ways to catch Lobster and Squid in Cult of the Lamb.

If you like combat techniques, you can use a special Tarot Card when unlocking it. You can get it while on Crusade or buy it from the Pilgrim’s Passage store. When you do that, some enemies will drop the fish they have.

You can also catch a lobster and a squid just by killing the enemy, however for that, you will need to get the Tarot card while running. Your luck plays a big part in all of this, like when you see a lobster and a squid thrown by the opponent.

The Cult of the Lamb Finding Lobsters and Squid
Catch lobsters and squid

One more way to catch lobsters and squid in Cult of The Lamb is to fish in Pilgrims Passage every day. Also, you wouldn’t need to unlock any rituals for that. However, this way of catching a lobster and squid depends entirely on how lucky you are.

Sometimes you can spend hours and days fishing, without having to catch a single one! Doing this method can waste the Lamb’s time which he can use to attend to his followers.

Rewards for completing the quest Beasts Beneath the Waves

The fisherman will reward you with a piece of Holy Tailsman every time you manage to get him one of the fish. You will be rewarded with the full Holy Tailsman once you collect and give the angler all four types of fish.

Obtaining the Holy Tailsam will help you return to the Church Altar, where a new fleece will replace you. With each new fleece, the way players get to the Crusaders, unlock buffs and debuffs of different types, and even the mechanics, will all change! The Lamb will also be able to unlock the ability to trade with the Fisherman. The Fisherman will reward you with fish that are for sale in exchange for 10 Gold pieces. He will be given lobster and squid.

These ingredients can help you prepare many tasty meals for your supporters and expert players. You can even invest it profiting from it. To do that, you would need to take the lobster and squid to the cult and sell it to The One Who Waits. However, this can only be done if you unlock your ability to make offerings. Do this by holding the chest near the Lamb Statue.

In conclusion, we can say that it is not a very difficult job to catch lobsters and squids in The Lamb Of The Cult. You just need to know certain techniques and focus on your goal.

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