Cult of the Lamb: 7 video games to play next

cult of the lamb it is a phenomenal experience. From its design choices to its exploration, cult management, visual aesthetics, and combat, every moment of the game is marked by smart, sharp choices and a commitment to its cheesy, gothic style. Whether you’re sacrificing your cult members to gain strength or wandering the dark woods to find resources to keep your herd from starving, there are always rewarding tasks to complete and new methods to progress.

Once you are at the end of your long and beautiful journey in cult of the lamb, you may be wondering what’s next. If you loved the game’s cute creatures, or its rouge-esque dungeon crawling, or even its cult management, you might be looking for a similar experience. That’s where this list comes in handy.

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if you have finished cult of the lamb – or you’re just looking for a similar vibe – here are a bunch of video games that we recommend playing next.

witch wood

lamb cult wytchwood game
Image: alien trap

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch

witch wood is a brilliant adventure game that shares similar aesthetics and themes with cult of the lamb. Here, you play as a strange witch tasked with collecting a variety of items and traversing various medieval locations to do so. In the early stages of the game, you are free to wander through a colorful forest, illustrated with storybook charm. Later, visit a coastline full of strange fish monsters and an old town where thieves roam.

In each location, you must collect items that can be combined to form tools and traps that will catch you even plus items. witch wood it’s essentially a grand collectible marathon, with a gothic twist. Although it does not share everything in common with cult of the lamb – lacks a vigorous combat system and no herds to manage – features a very similar aesthetic and should be perfect for those who loved Lambgothic slant.

little wood

littlewood cult of the lamb game
Image: Sean Young

Platform(s): Windows PC, Nintendo Switch

little wood is a city management game that takes place after a great war. You play as the hero who killed the Dark Magician and saved the world, at the cost of his memories, and it’s up to you to rebuild your city while the citizens slowly return. Every day in the game, you can meet new people, reset more of the city, and decorate it in any way you choose. Plant trees and other crops. Invest in local coffee. Fall in love with your favorite city citizen and go on cute little dates to neighboring cities.

If you need more resources, you will have to go to the dark forests of the city and fight for new fruits, wood, creatures and other items, which will be familiar to you. cult of the lamb fans. The game cycle here is quite similar, and although the forests of little wood are not as dense as the dungeons in Lamb, still provide combat and exploration opportunities that liven up daily play. If you’re looking for a new fantasy management simulator, look no further. little wood.

cozy grove

cozy grove game
Image: Spry Fox

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Mobile

cozy grove is another management simulation game with a fancy twist. In this adventure, you find yourself stranded on a haunted island filled with demanding ghosts and lots of strange items to collect and trade. Every day, you get particular tasks in cozy grovesome require you to travel far on your island in search of unique items, and others require you to talk to local ghosts or help them with unique tasks.

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As a ‘daily’ game, you can’t play it all at once, but with a measured pace and plenty to do per day, it will keep you hooked on upgrading your little island and pleasing your crew of ghosts. Unlike cult of the lambthere is no combat in cozy grove, but it features an equally haunting gothic tone and a management system that will probably be familiar to you. And in good news, the people you interact with on cozy grove are Already dead, which should save you the Lamb anguish of seeing your flock die of old age.


hades rogue game
Image: Supergiant Games

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch

hell Y cult of the lamb they share a batch in common, most notably in their colorful cell-shaded art styles and dungeon-crawling combat. Weather hell does not have the management simulation aspect of cult of the lamb, features a weapon-heavy combat adventure system that allows players to level up their tools and fight their way to the “end” of seemingly endless dungeons. with every run Hell, you become more powerful, similar to how you can level up your lamb in cult of the lamb.

It’s all a matter of moving forward, dodging those tough enemy projectiles and just moving forward a bit. a little more with each run. Weather hell is a little more intense than Lambwith a more energetic combat system and more powerful enemies overall, it should still captivate Lamb fans in his gothic greek mythology tale. With phenomenal stylish art and one of the best combat systems in gaming, you shouldn’t look any further. hell.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing lamb cult
Image: Nintendo

Platform(s): nintendo switch

The similarities between cult of the lamb It can be clearly seen in every cute animal you rescue or invite to join your flourishing island. Both games share similar styles, although it is arguable that the wild creatures in each game probably I’d rather join the wholesome cheesy island of New Horizons, instead of the bloody cult in Lamb. The gameplay itself differs quite a bit between the two games, with no combat or survival elements involved. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Not at all, but since both games feature your player character rounding up a pack of animals to live alongside them, it’s fair to say they’re based on the same elements.

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If you like the management and creation aspects of Lambbut you don’t enjoy gothic cult vibes, so New Horizons is the perfect ‘opposite’ to jumping. With much less pressure and much healthier, with good vibrations, animal crossing is the perfect escape after Lamb.

door of death

death gate game
Image: Acid Nerve

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch

door of death stars as a cutesy raven tasked with a terrible mission: harvest the souls of the dead and take down towering beasts. If you like the gothic tones and rolling dodge combat of cult of the lamb, you’re likely to enjoy this isometric adventure that’s also full of wacky, offbeat creatures and plenty of roaming danger. I like it LambThere’s also a wicked humor that shines through in every encounter, spicing up the adventure and cementing it as a memorable must-play experience.

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With similar themes of life and death, and a combat system that requires skill and finesse, door of death is certainly similar to Lamb, and will likely attract the same fan base. Basically, if you like cute animals going on a rampage with deadly weapons, check out door of death after completing your Lamb trip.

Cemetery Guardian

cemetery guardian cult of the lamb
Image: Sloth Bear Games

Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Mobile

Cemetery Guardian is essentially a gothic version of stardew valley, where the main game revolves around managing a graveyard and burying the dead. You can also grow vegetables and heat wine, but your main goal is to create a respectful church and surrounding graveyard that pays homage to the corpses you have left. Over time, you’ll have to deal with plus bodywork, which requires the construction of refrigeration units and other useful tools to keep your business running.

Dealing with the dead is a nasty and ghastly business, but if cult of the lamb doesn’t make you squeamish, probably love horror themes Cemetery Guardian, and his handling of death. The game can be quite tricky if you get to a point that requires certain “high level” tools, but being able to constantly level up and discover new regions makes the game extremely addictive. If you are looking to spend time in flying speed take a look Cemetery Guardian.

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