CT in the middle in national rankings for dog bites on mail carriers

A state-by-state ranking of dog bites suffered by mail carriers puts Connecticut in the middle, with the second most incidents among New England states.

Last year, dogs attacked about 5,300 US Postal Service employees, a slight decrease from the 5,400 incidents the year before. Connecticut and Maryland tied for 27th in the 2022 rankings, with a total of 67 incidents in each state. Waterbury had the most incidents among Connecticut communities, with 9, followed by Bridgeport and New Haven with 5 each and Danbury with 4, according to the US Postal Service.

California was the worst state for dog bites, with 675; Alaska was the safest with a total of eight incidents. In New England, only Massachusetts had more dog bites than Connecticut, with a total of 93, putting the Bay State 17th in the national rankings.

Cartoonists and comedy writers have long highlighted the feud between mail carriers and dogs, but the problem is serious, Postal Service leaders said in a news release marking National Dog Bite Awareness Week, which runs through Saturday. This year’s theme is: “Even good dogs have bad days.”