Critical Role launches its first own RPG: download it for free…

With Candela Obscura, Critical Role not only adds a new series but also introduces its own TTRPG!

Critical Role Dark Candle
With Candela Obscura Critical Role presents its own TTRPG | © Darrington Press

On May 25 (Thursday of course) the new Critical Role series premiered on Twitch and YouTube. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet, there will be no spoilers here. This new series will air every last Thursday. of the month, and the first chapter will consist of three independent episodes, each starring a group of nerdy voice actors.

To be more specific, the cast of Candela Obscura will include Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Anjali Bhimani, Ashley Johnson, and of course, Matthew Mercer to lead the story.

Candela Obscura, Critical Role’s first own TTRPG

As the name and image suggest, it is a horror TTRPG. But a horror adventure without the Goth executive? It couldn’t happen, of course. Taliesin Jaffe is not only part of the game’s concept and design team, but he will also appear on the show as the “Keeper of Light.” That means he’ll provide the prologues and set the tone for the session, while a “Lightkeeper” is also an in-game title.

Lightkeepers are veterans of the Darkcandle secret society who guide new recruits and provide missions to the circles. The story is set in a world similar to ours, but still different.

In the year 1907, the Hale country is recovering from the last great war. Just like in our own world, turn-of-the-century people tend toward spiritualism and the occult, as the world is changing faster than ever with new technology, a sudden increase in wealth, and a move away from nature.

So are the people in the Fairelands and its central city of Newfaire, but even more so, as their city is built on the remains of a forgotten alchemical civilization. The consequences of their misuse of hideous Magic still plague the people of the Fairelands, as sinister creatures lurk in the forests and arcane artifacts encompass fiendish powers.

Each episode will begin with the Lightkeeper informing the circle of an incident, a problem to be solved, or a mystery to be discovered. So it’s possible to watch the episodes on their own, so you don’t have to catch up on eight years of awesome RPGs (someday, I’ll catch up…hopefully).

But besides that, there are also other changes.

Illuminated Worlds System

Darrington Press has their own D6-based system, called Illuminated Worlds, which is used for Candela Obscura. The system was designed to focus on shorter campaigns and more narrative and character-based.

For each character, there was a catalyst that allowed them to join Blackcandle, as well as a question they hope to answer within this society, both marked on the character sheets.

Instead of the familiar D20, you’ll have a pool of D6s to decide if you succeed or fail, 6 being a total success, 5 and 4 still allow you to succeed, but it comes at a cost, and 1 to 3 is failure. The system seems to be one of a kind. one-shot and newbie-friendly, with clearly structured character sheets and a limited number of abilities.

Again, this is a wonderful way to encourage the group to get more involved in the role-playing aspect rather than rolling the dice.

Start a Candela Obscura session yourself!

If you are curious about Candela Obscura and eager to play it with your friends, we have good news for you. While the full rulebook hasn’t been released yet and also doesn’t have an official release date, you can still play it! A group of amazing people got together and put together a quick start guide. You can download it for free and start your own session as soon as you want, thanks to them!

And if you missed the live stream of the first session, don’t worry; two weeks after the broadcast, it will be available on YouTube. So if you haven’t seen it yet, why not start your own one-shot until the next episode?

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