Councilwoman Stephanie Coleman Elected as Chicago Black Councilor Caucus Chair

District 16 Councilwoman Stephanie D. Coleman

Stephanie D. Coleman, Councilwoman for the 16th Ward (photo provided).

Stephanie D. Coleman, a councilwoman for Chicago’s 16th Ward, has been elected as the new chair of the Chicago Alderman Black Caucus. This important appointment is a recognition of Coleman’s dedication to the community, her advocacy for a just and balanced Chicago, and her deep appreciation of history.

In a majority vote, Coleman secured a four-year term, receiving the support and confidence of his fellow African-American councilmembers. Expressing her gratitude, Councilwoman Coleman stated, “I am grateful, honored and blessed to have been chosen by my peers for this new journey, which will further our collective efforts within the Chicago City Council. This new chapter aligns with the vision of a ‘Better Chicago’ championed by our new mayor.”

Just last week, Councilwoman Coleman was unanimously elected by the full Chicago City Council as Acting Deputy Speaker, further highlighting her influential position and recognition of her accomplishments. Bishop Larry Trotter of Chicago’s Sweet Holy Spirit Church praised Councilwoman Coleman, saying, “These appointments speak volumes about the hard work and steady progress she has made in the Englewood area. Her dedication has generated excitement throughout the 16th District and beyond. Through her efforts, she has provided housing, economic development, access to quality healthcare, and a plethora of exciting activities for all Chicagoans. Englewood has become a destination point.”

Under Councilwoman Coleman’s leadership, our community has witnessed remarkable growth. Her rise to the Chicago City Council is a testament to the many accomplishments in her neighborhood and her no-nonsense approach to developing Englewood. She carries the positive spirit of Englewood wherever she goes, making her an esteemed representative of the neighborhood. Pastor Leslie Sanders of Chicago’s Hope Presbyterian Church says, “She is the official daughter of Englewood and we wholeheartedly support her career.”

The election of Councilwoman Stephanie Coleman as chair of the Chicago Councilmember Black Caucus marks a significant milestone in her career, cementing her position as a leader and advocate for a better Chicago. Her commitment to the community, her tireless efforts for justice and respect for history will undoubtedly shape the future of the city.

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