Cory Lee, Yannick Bisson and others to star in Lifetime Christmas movie

Lifetime’s new Christmas movie, bake all the way, will hit the web on Thursday, November 24, 2022. The film tells the fascinating story of a pastry chef who travels to a beautiful little town to learn the recipe for gingerbread. There he meets the charismatic owner of a bakery. According to Lifetime, the official synopsis for the film reads:

Julia Wilson, an accomplished pastry chef from Chicago, heads to a small-town bakery famous for its gingerbread to complete her Christmas cookbook. There she finds herself at odds with Kris Thompson, the charming but private bakery owner, who is ambivalent about sharing her “her” secret recipe.

The film stars Cory Lee and Yannick Bisson in the lead roles, along with several others playing pivotal supporting roles. bake all the way It is directed by Yannick Bisson and written by Courtney McAllister.

forever bake all the way Cast: Cory Lee and others will deliver a delicious watch

1) Cory Lee as Julia Wilson

Cory Lee plays the lead, Julia Wilson, in bake all the way. Wilson is a talented pastry chef who visits a small town to learn the gingerbread recipe. The trailer for the film shows Lee in top form, capturing the vibrant and enthusiastic personality of his character with absolute ease.

Apart from bake all the wayCory Lee is known for her appearances on My Adult Christmas List, My father’s other family, the wedding ringY Christmas a la carteto name a few.

2) Yannick Bisson as Kris Thompson

Actor Yanick Bisson stars as Kris Thompson in the new Lifetime Christmas movie. Thompson owns the gingerbread recipe, but seems reluctant to share it with Wilson. Bisson looks stunning in the movie’s trailer and shares great on-screen chemistry with Cory Lee.

Viewers can expect a memorable performance from him. His other notable acting credits include A perfect plan, home for the holidays, Anything for Jacksonand many more.

3) You go Saranga as AJ

Actor Vas Saranga plays the role of AJ in bake all the way. Details about his character are currently being kept under wraps. She has previously starred in fire starter, the key of loveY home for the harvestto name a few.

Apart from Cory Lee, Yannick Bisson and Vas Saranga, the film stars many others in crucial supporting/supporting roles such as:

  • Darrin Maharaj as Chip
  • Jayne Eastwood as Irene
  • Colin Mochrie as Mr. Weaver
  • Maria Syrgiannis as Delfina
  • Debra McGrath as Vicky Weaver

The trailer for the film shows the main character, Julie Wilson, traveling to a new city to learn the recipe for a special type of gingerbread. She makes this visit to feature the recipe in her new cookbook.

However, things don’t seem as simple as he thought, as the baker doesn’t seem enthusiastic about sharing his recipe. Overall, the trailer maintains the charm of a classic Lifetime movie, and viewers can look forward to a fun and light-hearted Christmas movie filled with likable characters.

don’t forget to catch bake all the way on Lifetime on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 8 pm ET.

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