College football full of nightmares at the end of the game in 2022

Forty names, games, teams and minutiae that make the news in college football (“You Play To Win The Game” commemorative videos sold separately in Tempe):

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There have been 67 one-touchdown games so far this season, which seems to be on par with most years. But it seems like we’ve had an inordinate amount of games where defenses couldn’t hold the lead, or the kicking game didn’t work right at the critical moment, or the penalty flags waved at the wrong time, or the coaches temporarily lost. your senses.

In other words, as many close games have been lost What won. And sometimes even winners are shaken to their core by how hard they tried to lose.

First example of the latter: Notre-Dame (21) on Saturday. Rookie coach Marcus Freeman seemed like he was barely hiding his pain as his team’s seven-point lead over California grew increasingly in jeopardy in the last minute. “I keep trying to tell myself to enjoy it,” he said afterwards, but I didn’t immediately enjoy how close the Fighting Irish came to an 0-3 start.

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