CISCE Economics Class 12 Sample Paper, Download PDF

ISC Class 12 Economics Sample Paper: The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the sample papers for the upcoming ISC 2023 exams. Read and download the ISC Economics 2023 Sample Paper for Class 12 here in pdf format.

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Download the Economics Sample Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam

ISC Economic Sciences 2023 sample document for class 12: The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has uploaded the sample papers for the Higher Secondary Indian School Certificate (ISC) Exams 2023. ISC class 12 exams started on February 13 and it’s time to resume new topics. past a long time ago Now, students should focus on reviewing and solving sample work. Economics (Code: 856) is an elective in ISC Class 12th and is a favorite of students in the business and humanities streams. Economics is the study of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services by individuals or groups. It teaches students about how the world works and is useful for aspiring careers in law and finance. However, the economy is not a walk in the park. Many students underestimate it and suffer in exams. Solving the ISC Class 12 Economics sample essay is a must to reduce exam stress and improve time management skills. The ISC 12th Economics sample papers also give an idea of ​​the pattern of the exam, the distribution of scores, and the level of difficulty and type of questions asked on the exam. See the ISC Economics Specimen Paper Class 12 PDF here to download.

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ISC Class 12 Economic Sciences Sample Document 2023

  • The ISC Board class 12 Economics exam has 80 points and a duration of three. The exam questions will be both objective and descriptive.
  • 15 minutes of reading time will be provided and attempts at answers will not be allowed during this
  • The ISC Class 12th Economics exam will consist of three sections: A, B and C.
  • Section A will be MCQ and short answer based questions worth 1 point each.
  • All the questions will be compulsory, and the students will be able to choose internally between the questions of sections B and C.

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Check out the 2023 ISC Economics Sample Paper for Class 12 in pdf format here. The download link is attached at the end of the article.


Question 1

(i) The indifference curve is convex to the origin due to: [1]

(a) Axiom of transitivity.

(b) DMU Law.

(c) DMRS Act.

(d) Axiom of non-satiation.

(ii) When the supply of a product increases by 24% after the price rises by 8%, the supply curve will be: [1]

(a) positive slope with positive intercept.

(b) positive slope with negative intercept.

c) horizontal.

(d) parallel to the price axis.


In the figure above, D is the demand curve for a normal good. It moves to D’ which is a case of: [1]

(a) extension of demand due to the change in the price level.

(b) increased demand due to rice in the expected future price of the commodity.

(c) contraction in demand due to the increase in the price of the substitute.

(d) increase in demand due to the increase in the price of the complementary good.

(iv) A demand curve parallel to the X axis means: [1]

a) Perfectly elastic.

(b) perfectly inelastic.

(c) elastic.

(d) inelastic.

(v) Which of the following is a pair of direct taxes? [1]

(a) Special Tax and Wealth Tax

(b) Tax on Services and Income Tax

(c) Excise tax and service tax

(d) Wealth Tax and Income Tax

(vi) Which of the following is included in the calculation of the National Income? [1]

(a) Transfer of earnings

(b) Proceeds from the sale of Shares and Bonds

(c) Black Money

(re. None of the above

(vii) Indian Railways charges lower freight rates for transportation of essential items like food, coal, etc. as compared to freight rates for other items like televisions, air coolers, etc. This is an example of: [1]

(a) Maximum price.

(b) Price Discrimination.

c) Price control.

(d) Minimum prices.

(viii) A firm produces its profit-maximizing level of output only when: [1]

(a) MR = AR

(b) MR > MC

(c) AR < MR

(d) MC = MR

(ix) Complete the following table: [1]









(x) What is the investment multiplier? [1]

(xi) Name any two sources of revenue from government budget tax revenue. [1]

(xii) Indicate whether the following statement is true or false. Give a reason for your answer. [1]

Retained earnings are not part of internal factor income.

(xiii) An oligopolist has an indeterminate demand curve. What is this characteristic of oligopoly due to? [1]

(xiv) Why is AR=MR=P a horizontal straight line in perfect competition in the short run? [1]

(xv) What does 0 mean [1]

(xvi) What is meant by autonomous consumption? [1]

You can read and download the entire ISC Class 12 2023 Economics Sample Paper below.

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