Chicago PD Season 10 Ends In Bloodshed – Will [Spoiler] Survive? – TV line

Blood was spilled, so much, so much blood, in chicago policeThe volatile season 10 finale as Intelligence reached out to white supremacist Richard Beck.

For Ruzek, hanging out with a racist for an extended period of time was No funny, and the case began to take its toll. Trusting Burgess and seeing Makayla seemed to be the only things keeping him sane.

However, he blew his cover when Samantha threatened to leave town with her son Cal, and that turned out to be a major turnaround in the case. Voight, with the help of ASA Chapman, secured a full immunity deal for Samantha and Cal, but only if she cooperated. It took some convincing before she agreed, and then the team got into position.

With Ruzek helping Samantha and Cal pack their things, the rest of Intelligence was deployed for a large-scale operation that spanned multiple locations. Unfortunately, his raid fell short because Richard was nowhere to be found. However, Atwater found piles of C4 moments before the building exploded. Don’t worry, they all turned out fine.

The same cannot be said for Ruzek, who was shot in the abdomen by Cal. Samantha grabbed her son and ran, while Ruzek, bleeding profusely, slid to her phone to call for help. In the ambulance, Ruzek used what little strength he had left to make Burgess promise that he would find Samantha and Cal.

At the hospital, Burgess seemed helpless waiting for an update on his status, but was soon comforted by Platt. (Note: shouldn’t Platt be controlling her husband, Mouch of hers?) That gave her the strength to leave and make good on the promise she made to her boyfriend.

In a tense standoff, Burgess detained Samantha, who begged the Chicago police to say that she shot Ruzek instead of Cal. Richard then drove through the scene in his truck and took the young Cal hostage. All of that culminated in Atwater killing Richard, spattering blood all over the uninjured boy in the process. When the dust settled, Cal looked at Atwater with a chilling hatred that suggested this was far from over for him.

For those hoping to get an update on Ruzek, they’ll have to wait until next season. The episode ended with a visibly shaken Voight sharing a drink with Chapman.

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