Chicago Med Characters, Ranked By Likeability

Chicago Med is one of the most recent entries in dick wolfThe mammoth television franchise of , even though it has been on the air since 2015. The series centers on the staff at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. The staff is an eclectic mix. Each brings their own perspective to their profession.

Existing on this spectrum, each character varies in likability. Some, like Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian T.) are tested with the burden of leadership and balancing it with compassion. Others, like Maggie (marlyne barrett) lead with love in caregiving.



9 Dr Dean Archer

Steven Weber at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

doctor archer (steven weber) is a military man and mentor. He has a grumpy exterior and a no-nonsense approach to patient care and professional relationships with his colleagues. He is an outspoken defender against the newest medical technology, fearing it will do more harm than good.

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The fact that Dr. Archer is often so closed off as a character makes it hard to get to know and like him. When he allows himself to be vulnerable, he is sweet. Unfortunately, he lacks the ability to let himself be helped by those who love him the most.

8 Dr Will Halstead

Chicago Med - Guess It Don't Matter Anymore - Will-1

Dr. Halstead (nick gehlfuss) has been a hallmark of Chicago Med from day 1. From misguided romances to elaborate plans to save the hospital, his mayhem has always made him a fan favorite. Although the character is beginning a new chapter, his legacy will live on.

His nerve has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. While he often means well, he lets his ego get in the way. Sometimes he doesn’t know when to leave it alone and when to walk away from an unnecessary fight.

7 Dr Ethan Choi

Brian Tee at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Another military man, Dr. Choi’s leadership has been instrumental to his team. Even after being shot and finally leaving his team, his legacy lives on. His relationship with April (Yaya Da Costa) him a more likeable character overall.

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While Dr. Choi is always concerned with his patients’ best interests, he often follows the rules to an unnecessary degree. His love of rules can often get in the way of making seemingly logical decisions. Hopefully, he has brought the best of his abilities to his new career outside of Med.

6 Dr. Marcel Crockett

Dominic Rains at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Dr Marcel Crockett (dominic rains) is the cute little surgical wunderkind on whom the future of Med rests. He balances a desire to stay on top of the latest medical advances with a desire to get the best results for his patients. He has the potential to be a great mentor to the next generation.

Crockett is at his most likable when he stands up for his patients and cheers on his colleagues in the name of a just cause. His ego is likely to get in the way of his good intentions, but for the most part he is able to pull himself together.

5 Dr. Natalie Manning

Torrey DeVitto at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Dr. Natalie Manning (torrey de vitto) was the glue that held Med’s core team together. She is a top-notch pediatrician and always kept a cool head when in the midst of the wildest emergencies. Even though she has moved on, her former colleagues keep mentioning her.

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Dr. Manning’s care for her patients and their families made her a class act. While her actions sometimes fell outside of the rules and regulations, everything she did came from a place of care. She was also a true friend to her colleagues, supporting them in her time of need.

S. Epatha Merkerson at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) keeps Med running like a well-oiled machine. He balances leadership and compassion and is always approachable. Her experience in nursing puts her in an exceptionally strong position to provide guidance and support.

What makes Sharon so likable is her bravery. She is never afraid to stand up to those in power to protect patient care. She always supports her staff in her efforts to do what is best for all of her patients.

4 Maggie Lockwood

Marlyne Barrett at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Maggie (marlyne barrett) is Med’s charge nurse. She is the one who keeps the ER running in the midst of chaos. She has survived cancer and continues to be a force when she advocates for her patients.

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The fact that Maggie is such a supportive friend makes her one of the most likeable characters in this series. She balances this with humor and gently poking fun at the sometimes chaotic love lives of her colleagues.

3 april sacristan

Yaya Da Costa at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

During her tenure, April was one of Med’s most beloved RNs. She left to further her career and earn her Nurse Practitioner qualification. She is also a childhood friend of chicago fireby Kelly Severidetaylor kinney).

April isn’t just nice by herself, although she is very nice. She always knows what she is capable of and she never hesitates to use her authority to benefit her patients. She turns the otherwise mostly obnoxious Ethan into quite a likable character.

2 Dr Hannah Asher

Jessy Schram at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) is a new addition to the Med team. She is an OB/GYN currently in recovery and in the process of rebuilding her life and career. She is good friends with Dean. She is also one of the first to point out systemic problems in the healthcare system.

What makes Hannah so likable is her authenticity. She has struggled for so long to become who she is, and she is always ready to help someone facing the same journey. Her lack of judgment and quick empathy make her easily endearing.

1 Dr Daniel Carlos

Oliver Platt at Chicago Med. Photo courtesy of NBC.

Dr. Daniel Carlos (Oliver Platt) is one of Chicago MedThe original characters. He has mentored several up-and-coming psychiatrists. More recently, he has begun a close relationship with a fellow staffer, Lilliana (alet taylor).

What makes Daniel the most likeable character in Chicago Med it is the fact that it creates a utopian vision of mental health. It’s hard to imagine such an attentive psychiatrist spending this amount of time simply listening to his patients. He also has a subtle and wicked sense of humor.

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