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In February and March 2023, the CBSE 12 board exams will be held by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
In February and March 2023, the CBSE 12 board exams will be held by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

In the last week of November 2022, the Central Board of Secondary Education is expected to release the CBSE date sheet class 10, 12 2023. The CBSE date sheet for classes 10 and 12 will be available online on the official website .

Students can view CBSE class 10 and class 12 schedules for 2023 via and respectively. The board will administer the CBSE class 10 and class 12 exams during the current academic year 2022-2023 in a single term. The CBSE 2023 board test will start on February 15.

The name of the subject, CBSE exam dates 2023, exam times and important instructions for candidates are included in the CBSE date sheet for the 2022–2023 session. Students planning to sit for CBSE board exams in 2022–2023 can download the 2023 CBSE fact sheet from the official website. CBSE is expected to release CBSE 10th Class 2023 Datesheet and CBSE 12th Class 2023 Datesheet on the same day via the official website, .

How to download CBSE fact sheet 2023?

Students should follow the instructions given below to view and download the CBSE Class 10, 12 Data Sheet for 2023 Board Exams:

Go to the official CBSE website at

Click on the ‘Main Website’ option on the home page

Click on ‘CBSE class 10 datesheet 2023’ or ‘CBSE class 12 datesheet 2023’ in the section labeled Latest @CBSE.

You will now be able to view the 2023 CBSE board exams date sheet on your screen and download it for future reference.

CBSE class 10the12the Scoring scheme:

In February and March 2023, the CBSE 12th board exams will be held by the Central Board of Secondary Education. In accordance with the study plan established for each subject, the assessment scheme will include theoretical work, internal assessment and practical components. The board will conduct the class 12 CBSE board exams in 2023 over the course of one term.

CBSE Class 10the12the Exam preparation tips:

By downloading the latest CBSE 2023 sample papers, students can improve their level of preparation for the exam. CBSE Sample Papers for 2023 are available to download in PDF format at for students in grades 10 and 12.

More tips to help you study better:

Read and study deliberately to help you better remember the information and memorize it.

Make flowcharts to study difficult topics. Break a difficult subject down into small parts, study it thoroughly, and then reexamine it.

Keep a separate log for notes and quickly scan it every day to make sure you remember everything you’ve previously learned.

CBSE class 10the12the Syllable:

The schedule for the CBSE board exams 2023 will be announced shortly. The entire curriculum for the current academic year, 2022-2023, will be overseen by the board. The board had to reduce course work due to the growing covid epidemic during the previous academic session.

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