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Hallmark’s new romantic comedy, Love in the Maldivesis all set to premiere on the channel on Saturday, April 1, 2023. The film tells the story of a young travel writer who goes to the Maldives to explore an infamous shipwreck.

There she meets a charming young man with whom she develops a special bond. Here’s the official synopsis for the movie, according to the Hallmark Channel:

”A travel writer goes to the Maldives and learns of a legendary shipwreck. With the help of his underwater resort guest experience expert, he might discover love instead of buried treasure.”

The film stars Jocelyn Hudon and Jake Manley in the lead roles, along with many others playing important supporting characters. The film is directed by Colin Theys and written by Juliana Wimbles.

by Hallmark Love in the Maldives cast list: Jocelyn Hudon and others to appear in new rom-com movie

1) Jocelyn Hudon as Rae

Jocelyn Hudon stars in the lead role of Rae at Hallmark’s Love in the Maldives. Rae is a travel writer who goes to the Maldives to uncover the story behind an infamous shipwreck. There she meets a charming expert guest, after which her life changes in unexpected ways as she sets out on a path to discover love.

Hudon looks charming and amused in the teaser for the film, which shows her and the guest expert meeting for the first time as they introduce themselves in an awkward scene. Viewers can expect the actress to give a memorable performance in the film.

Jocelyn Hudon’s other notable film and television acting credits include Sniper: Rogue Mission, Baby it’s cold insideand V for Vendettato name a few.

2) Jake Manley as Jared

Actor Jake Manley stars as Jared in the new romantic comedy film. Manley is a guest expert at the resort where Rae is staying, and the two seem to hit it off. Their chemistry is one of the highlights of the movie’s teaser, and they make an adorable and charming couple on screen.

Apart from Love in the MaldivesJake Manley has starred in The consultant, unique love, vacationand many more.

3) Juliana Wimbles as Jules

Juliana Wimbles dons the role of Jules in Love in the Maldives. Other than that, details about her character are currently being kept under wraps, but fans can expect her to play a crucial role in the movie.

Juliana Wimbles is known for her performances in many other shows and movies like a splash of love, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: A Game of Cat and Mouseand Supernaturalbetween many more.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, the film also stars other actors playing pivotal supporting characters like Lucy Newman-Williams as Debra, Patricia McKenzie as Shelley, and many others.

The official preview of Love in the Maldives offers a glimpse of the first interaction of the two main characters. Rae is startled when Jared walks into her room, after which they introduce themselves. Despite the awkwardness, the two seem to get along well. Based on the trailer, viewers can look forward to a funny and heartwarming rom-com.

don’t forget to look Love in the Maldives on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, April 1, 2023.