Campaign texts reach fever pitch this election season, strategist explains how to stop it

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The nation is weeks away from Election Day on November 8, and many of you are already being bombarded by campaign phone calls and especially campaign text messages.

The stakes are high for Nevada, and people across the silver state are feeling the election drumbeat weeks in advance.

“It is very rare that 75% of the state’s congressional delegation is in the draw races. Each campaign is being driven more and more by technology. It’s being powered by big data, by machine learning, by analytics,” said Rory McShane, a Republican strategist and director of McShane LLC. He has nearly doubled his number of employees in various states for the 2022 election season. He is working on campaigns and texting for several high-profile GOP candidates, and has 10 million text messages and counting so far. of this cycle. McShane explains why eyes across the country have focused on Nevada voters.

Why are you getting notices so early? McShane points out that most Nevadans will be mailing their ballots, and it may be decided weeks before Election Day.

“Text messaging is still the most spam-free inbox out there,” he said, noting that 70% of his team’s texts are actually open. McShane has a team of people who text manually; Robottexts are illegal, according to the FCC.

Best way to make texts stop? Go vote, McShane said. The campaigns target those who do not vote regularly.

“Once you vote, everyone like me has a vested interest in removing you from the list. We don’t want to tax people who have already voted, that’s a waste of money,” she said.

The Nevada Secretary of State website instructs all Nevadans to contact their county clerk to restrict their information. You can choose to make your contact information confidential through the Clark County Elections website. However, McShane cautions, research firms like his rely on many other sources to contact each and every voter.

“Every credit card you’ve ever applied for, every frequent buyer card you’ve ever applied for, they’ve sold your phone number 15 times. Removing your phone number from the Nevada voter file won’t do much good,” she said.

The FCC requires all campaigns to stop sending text messages once you reply “STOP.”

Other tips? iPhone users can restrict unknown senders in their “Settings” by sending ads to a different folder.

McShane believes texts may be severely limited in upcoming election cycles; Platforms like Hulu, Sling and others require users to watch ads, and campaign ads now target there.

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