Cameron Cipolla, Le’Priesh Roman and others star in Lifetime thriller

LMN is back with another thriller this week with enchanted and deceivedonly this time the drama revolves around high school students and their gangs.

Directed by Ted Campbell, the film revolves around Annie, a high school student struggling to keep up good grades to keep her lacrosse scholarship. She is later introduced to Delia and her clique, who are part of a network of traps. The drama unfolds when she tries to break free from the group and Delia blackmails her.

enchanted and deceived everything is ready to launch Thursday, September 22 at 8 p.m. on the Lifetime Movie Network. The film is written by Ted Campbell and Richard Pierce and was previously known as student seduction.

enchanted and deceived: Synopsis and cast

The official synopsis of the film mentions that enchanted and deceived,

“It follows Annie, who in a desperate attempt to improve her grades, joins a cheating ring and, under its influence, begins a relationship with her lacrosse coach, and a student uses blackmail to keep her from leaving the group” .

Here’s a look at the cast of the upcoming LMN movie.

Cameron Cipolla as Annie

American actress and singer Cameron Cipolla began participating in plays and musicals from an early age. She performed in more than 40 musicals throughout her childhood, and later, her desire to be in front of her camera led her to Hollywood.

Her commercial voice degree allowed her to sing in many different styles of music, including opera, country, pop, folk, alternative, musical theater, and more. After completing her education, she returned to Los Angeles to continue her love of storytelling through acting and singing.

She is best known for starring Erased, Love Is Knocking, Circline, See Me, Quit, Betrayed, Christmas at Belmont, Breaking into College and now she will be seen playing the role of Annie in LMN’s enchanted and deceived.

Le’Priesh Roman as Camille

Le’Priesh Roman is an actress, dancer, and visual storyteller who is drawn to creating and sharing stories that have an uplifting impact on viewers through still and moving images.

She is best known for starring Her Target, Pom Poms & Payback, The Burnt Photo, Stronger in Broken Places, Galantis Tu Tu Tu and now she will be seen playing the role of Camille in LMN’s enchanted and deceived.

Jonathan Stoddard as Coach Mitch

American actor, model and producer Jonathan Stoddard is best known for starring The Young and the Restless, In Love with My Partner’s Wife, Nightmare PTA Moms, Killer Ambition, Nowhere to Fall, Furry Christmas, One Little Finger, Black Monday, Y Somewhere in the mountains, among other projects. She has also acted in musicals and theater including Cabaret, West Side Story, Twelfth Night and more.

In addition to acting, Stoddard has performed stunts for wake up juice and produced Bone Cold, Coach Hop Playlist, Y Jake is dead. Stoddard has also worked as a still photographer for the short film Forever and ever. He will be seen playing the role of Coach Mitch in LMN’s. enchanted and deceived.

Jazlyn Nicolette Sward as Delia

Jazlyn Nicolette Sward is best known for her role in The Wrong Valentine, Pom Poms and Payback, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, Night Carnage, Y TAN She will be seen playing the role of Delia in LMN’s. Charmed and deceived.

Other cast members from the film include Courtney Fulk as Regan, Matthew Pohlkamp as Mr. Whitlock, Michelle West as Miss Brewer, Jonni Garro as Sonya, Travis Beck as a janitor, and Marlo Bernier as a secretary.

Capture enchanted and deceived on LMN on Thursday, September 22.

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