California Coalition to End Child Poverty Statement of Principles on Special Legislative Session

PASADENA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 / — We applaud Governor Newsom and legislative leaders for convening a special session focused on reclaiming a share of record windfalls oil companies have obtained by extorting Californians.

The majority of California’s low-income families, disproportionately Black, Latino, and other Californians of color, struggle to meet their basic needs. A staggering 1 in 3 of all California adults reported cutting back on food, and almost the same number avoiding medical care, putting in clear terms the urgency needed for state legislators to continue acting.

The good news is that COVID has shown that government is effective when it invests in programs that have been shown to fight poverty and boost shared prosperity. Statewide, our safety net programs collectively reduced poverty by a remarkable 10.3% and narrowed longstanding racial disparities.

These results were made possible by combined federal and state leadership, and we continue our call on Congress to expand the Child Tax Credit and invest in Child Nutrition and other programs proven to reduce poverty.

California must also continue to lead. To do so, stakeholders in the state budget must recognize that pump abusing affects us all, that speculation spreads throughout our economy, driving up the price of food and other basic necessities. And, the high cost of gasoline disproportionately hurts low-income people, regardless of whether or not they own a car.

As a result, any relief must recognize that shared hardship, and not be exclusive to those who can buy cars and pay the price of gas. Stakeholders in the state budget must prioritize revenue for the lowest-income Californians, who have the greatest need, to continue to address record inequality.

We again thank Governor Newsom and the Legislature for proactively seeking new ways to continue to support Californians. Government action during the pandemic successfully demonstrated that poverty is a political choice and that we only need political will to act. We encourage budget stakeholders to pursue every opportunity to ensure wealthy corporations pay their fair share, and we look forward to working together to develop new revenue that will help the state meet its goals for a more equitable future.

Members of the Executive Steering Committee
LAYER | California Alternative Pay Program Association
California Association of Food Banks
California Budget and Policy Center
California Immigrant Policy Center
California Interfaith Coalition/Friends Committee on Legislation
Child Care Resource Center
children now
California Children’s Defense Fund
Dolores Huerta Foundation
Economic Security Project
End poverty in California
California First 5
Marin Promise Partnership Marin County
MEDA | Mission Economic Development Agency
National CORE/HOPE Foundation through HOUSING
National Institute for Foster Youth
Saint John’s Well Center for Children and Families
South Bay Community Services
children’s association
United Highways of California
Western Center for Law and Poverty

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