Caesars Maryland Promo Code: Get Best Deals For NFL Week 14 Games

As December progresses, another chance to claim the Caesars Maryland promo code that offers a $100 free bet or $1,500 bet insurance is up for grabs. Army-Navy, NFL Week 14 and more fill the board, and this will be one of the best ways to bet on any of them.

You’ll get this offer when you click here and enter the Caesars Maryland promo code MHSXLPICS. In the future, you’ll qualify for $1,500 in betting insurance. Put another way, if you don’t win your first bet, you get a second chance with a free bet refund.

The weekend action kicks off tonight with action from the NBA and NHL. In prime time, ESPN will broadcast the Lakers in Philadelphia. After that, the network will take Dallas at home against the Milwaukee Bucks. In the meantime, there’s a nice NHL roster, and the weekend football action kicks off with the Army-Navy game tomorrow. With this promotion you can make an insured bet on any sporting event.

Click here and use Caesars Maryland promo code MHSXLPICS for a whopping $1,500 guaranteed bet.

Caesars Maryland Promo Code Summary

Let’s cover the important details. First, there is the increase. As long as you bet more than $100, your bet is insured. You don’t necessarily have to wager $1,500 to participate. If you win, the bet is treated like any other bet. Your payment will appear in your account after the game is settled, and it is cash withdrawn. When the plan is successful, insurance is not a factor.

On the other hand, if you don’t connect with your initial bet, you’re still in business. The money is returned to you in the form of a single bonus wagering chip. This bet can be placed on any sporting event and you can select from all of the pre-event betting markets.

Sure Thing $100 Free Bet Bonus

This is an introductory offer for people of all budget levels. As a result, there is a provision for players who want to bet $100 or less. If you use the same promo code and wager at least $20, you qualify for a different bonus. Under those circumstances, you will receive a $100 free bet. To be perfectly clear, the outcome of the qualifying bet does not affect the distribution of the bonus. Win or lose, you receive the $100 in wagering credit.

Activate Caesars Maryland Promo Code

  • Before you do anything else, click this link or one of the others on this page to get to the appropriate landing page.
  • Second, when you get there, follow the instructions. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, date of birth, etc. This is the same exercise you do when you start any online account. The only difference is the geolocation verification required by law.
  • Third, if you don’t already have it, download the mobile app. This will give you the freedom to gamble on the go and keep you informed of certain exclusive special offers.
  • Then determine which bonus opportunity you want to take advantage of and make a deposit.
  • Finally, place a bet and you are insured if you bet more than $100. If you bet between $20 and $100, you will get the $100 free bet.

Click here and enter Caesars Maryland promo code MHSXLPICS to accept this special offer.