Brand USA and Hawaiian Airlines 2023 MegaFam Winners Revealed

Drum roll please…the winners of the brand USA 2023 MegaFam have been announced, with 50 travel agents ready to experience some of the best the US has to offer.

From June 6-14, the Brand USA and Hawaiian Airlines family will reward agents across Australia and New Zealand with five itineraries covering 11 states, with a focus on outdoor and sports tourism.

Along with more familiar destinations like New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, winners will discover less-visited cities like Seattle, Reno and the state of Utah.

After their experience on the mainland, all the winners will cap off their adventure by coming together in Honolulu to share their stories.

USA Brand - Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Wash.

To be considered for the family, travel agents were asked to register and complete the US Discovery Program badges for tickets, and say why they wanted the opportunity to participate in the family.

Dive into the USA

“With a strong rebound in travel, we are excited to resurrect Brand USA MegaFam in Australia and New Zealand.” USA Brand said Vice President of World Trade Development Jackie Ennis.

“We are particularly excited to partner with Hawaiian Airlines to showcase the diversity of our outdoors and sports culture that travelers can enjoy across the United States.

“These trips not only allow agents to get under the skin of a destination, but also give them the confidence to sell lesser-known and iconic American destinations.”

USA Hawaii Brand
The agents will meet in Hawaii for a grand finale.

Hawaiian Airlines regional director for Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Stanbury, said the airline was “excited to be the airline of choice for the Brand USA 2023 MegaFam.”

“This is a great opportunity to see a lot of what travelers to the US are looking for and showcase our network of Hawaii and the continental US,” he said.

“Hawaii is the closest US state and is perfect as a destination in its own right, as a stopover or transit to the mainland US.

“We’re excited to help US sellers from Australia and New Zealand experience this first hand.”

The Arizona Outdoors

The Brand USA 2023 MegaFam Agents are:

  • Abbey Shannon – Flight Center Business Travel
  • Alice Fisher – Flight Center
  • Adam Ahmad – Itineraries Travel Consultants
  • Amanda McKeown – Hello World Rototuna
  • Anna Rowbotham – Fuzion Travel
  • Anne Parkinson – itravel Penshurst
  • Ashley Larkin – Flight Center BridgepointBella McCaull Luxury Escapes
  • Brayden Ryan – Kemble Ignite Tour Group
  • Candice Burgess – Flight Center
  • Caroline Moit – MTA Travel
  • Cecilia Barr – Helloworld Travel Oakleigh
  • Charlie Jolly – Flight Center
  • Charlie Martin – Flight Center
  • Cherie Johnson – Flight Center
  • Christine Berrick – Flight Center
  • Dielle DeSouza – Flight Center
  • Elvira Lanyon – Figtree Travel
  • Fu-Jui Hsueh – Flight Center
  • Hameedallah Jafari – Phil Hoffman Travel
  • Hayley Lyson – italktravel The Junction
  • Hemal Jani – Beyond the holidays
  • Inez Teni – Fuzion Travel
  • Jackie Capuano – Hello World Lakehaven
  • Janine Snook Chris Watson Travel
  • Jasvinder Singh – Flight Center
  • Jo Ann McLaughlin – Papamoa Travel House
  • Kathy Thomaidis – MTA TRAVEL
  • Kristy Morris – Phil Hoffman’s Travels
  • Krystal Cooke – HTG Newcastle
  • Leonie Paul – Travel House
  • Lexi Phillips – Flight Center
  • Lucy Edwards – Cruise Travel Center
  • Madi Maton – Flight Center
  • Melanie Carter – Travel Managers Australia
  • Merrilyn Priest The Well Connected Traveler
  • Michelle Lehn Travel Managers
  • Miranda Cullen – Whangarei World Travelers
  • Mollie Sinclair – Flight Center
  • Natalie Khalife – Flight Center
  • Natasha Day – Flight Center
  • Nicole Bishop – Flight Center
  • Olivia Nicolle – Hello World
  • Patricia Greene – Suncity Travel
  • Price Heaslip – Flight Center
  • Rebecca McCarthy – MTA TRAVEL
  • Stephanie Towers – Mt Maunganui Travel House
  • Swapnil Bhate – Flight Center Travel Group New Zealand
  • Tabatha Knowles – Travel Partners
  • Treena Moore – Galactic World Travelers