Press release


MONTREAL, September 8, 2022 — blue moose games announces the development of Zeltoid X1 and released the first pre-alpha teaser of its next game Zeltoids X1.

In Zeltoids X1 you play as a robot engineer named Zeltoid. You will have to help your planet and travel the galaxy to find the essential energy for robotic life, the zitorida.

You will be able to create new abilities to help you on your quest and solve strange puzzles throughout your journey.

To create new abilities, you will have to search for the necessary materials on asteroids and other planets. Ultimately, you will need to find the reason for the mysterious disappearance of zitoride in the galaxy and solve this mystery.

Zeltoid X1 is expected to launch in Q3 2023 on PC and Nintendo Switch. To stay up to date with all the latest news and updates on Zeltoids X1join us Twitter and ours Steam Page Community.


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