Blue Devils home games will include additional security measures

bcsd_blue_devil.jpegIn anticipation of the first home game against Livonia at 7 p.m. Strictly enforce parking and safety rules and regulations.

“It is going to be exciting and we anticipate large crowds, but that is not an excuse for unruly behavior, so our officers will strictly enforce parking measures and any security-related violations,” said Batavia Police Chief, Shawn Heubusch, in a press release. “We are going to work closely with the school district security company and the staff who work the games, as safety is the number one priority for fans, players and the surrounding neighborhood.”

Chief Heubusch noted that construction work near the stadium on Richmond Avenue to Oak Street and Park Road west of the stadium will continue throughout the fall. Those traveling in the area should be careful and plan ahead. There may be roadwork that could affect parking, he said.

“We will issue tickets for any car that is illegally parked. For any public event where there is a large crowd, we encourage game attendees to arrive early and be respectful of people’s property.” Heubusch said. “Parking is available in designated lots at Van Detta Stadium and Robert Morris School. If it is necessary to park on adjacent streets, please observe parking regulations according to posted signage and do not block driveways. Officers will monitor the areas surrounding the stadium for parking violations and issue parking tickets as necessary.”

In addition to Batavia police officers and the district security company being present in and around the stadium, all attendees will be wand-checked to ensure no prohibited items are brought into the facility, he said.

School Superintendent Jason Smith sent families a letter last month informing them of the updated safety measures that will be used at home games. The fact that these football games are popular and well attended has created a need for additional protection, Smith said.

“In collaboration with the Batavia Police Department, we continue to make safety our number one priority for students, staff and community members attending events at Van Detta Stadium,” Smith said in the statement. “We anticipate a large crowd on Friday night and throughout the season, and we want to continue to spread the word about enhanced safety protocols, guidelines and expectations for attendees.”

In addition to the city’s police coverage, the city’s school board approved a contract with Armor Security in May. The agreement is for services until December 31 of this year and is with Armor Security and Protection Inc. of Rochester. The company will provide state-certified security guards “to provide security and safety services for the property located at 120 Richmond Ave., Batavia,” the contract states. The job includes monitoring venues for inappropriate and illegal behavior or actions, reporting security issues within the venue, and assisting with safe entrances and exits.

Guards are to notify police or other emergency service providers as deemed necessary. Documentation must be provided to the school district regarding any incident that is considered a notification event or at the request of the district, in accordance with the contract. Guards will wear an Armor Security uniform with black pants and shoes, and an Armor uniform shirt, paired with an Armor jacket during the colder months.

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