Blood and Gold: Everything There is to Know About the German WWII Drama Film

The World Wars are recurring themes on which to make films. There’s something so appealing about delving into the motivations of a conflict that the filmmakers try to find every angle to explore it. In blood and gold, director Peter Thorwarth and writer Stefan Barth do their best to bring back the times of the Nazis and the hidden gold in this new film. It seems more like a specific exploration of a certain event than exploring the entirety of the Third Reich.

This film is produced by Christian Becker and Amara Palacios, while the musical production has been done by Jessica de Rooij and Hendrik Nölle. The Netflix synopsis explains that the film follows a German defector and a woman who has become embroiled in conflict with the Nazis in search of hidden gold.

Blood and Gold: Still 1
A frame from the film.

cast of blood and gold

This film stars Robert Maaser, Jördis Triebel, Alexander Scheer, Marie Hacke, Roy McCrerey, Nele Kiper, Stephan Grossmann, Simson Bubbel, Florian Schmidtke, Davis Burnell IV, Gisela Aderhold, Petra Zieser, Tomas Karel, Juri Senft, Jared Lorenzo , Andreas Bichler, Simon Rupp, Heiko Schaffartzik and Christian Schneeweiß, along with other cast members.

Blood and Gold Plot/Synopsis

A deserter from the German army is being imprisoned by his superiors, and running away does him no good. The army took his life and that of his son. Now, they are even willing to kill him. It’s at this point that we see the man meet up with a group of ragtag criminals also trying to fight the Nazis, who are looking for more than the Reich can give them. We see that the leader of the Nazi soldiers has continued his search for gold.

The end of World War II meant that all the atrocities of the German population came to light, and things were not as rosy as they seemed during the war. Now that the people have been saved from this disillusionment, this unlikely group of people have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of Nazi influence. This movie is set up to be an action drama, focusing less on the trauma and more on the specifics of violence and a cheeky buddy dynamic. To find out what kind of turn this movie will take, stream it when it opens.

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Blood and Gold Release Date and Trailer

blood and gold it will be broadcast on Netflix from May 26, 2023. Do you think the hidden gold will be found? Or with the German defector find a way to escape? Let us know in the comments below.

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