BitLife: How to Complete the Polymath Challenge

The newest one bitlife challenge, the Polymath Challenge, has arrived! The challenge asks you to be perfect in every way, shape, and form! Between having 100% stats, mastering multiple instruments, and working multiple jobs, you’ll need to show off your talent in many ways! This guide will explain how to complete the Polymath Challenge in bitlife.

How to complete the Polymath challenge in BitLife

BitLife Polymath Challenge Tasks

The newest one bitlife challenge, Polymath Challenge, has five tasks that you must complete:

Try to get the highest possible stats when you create your new character. While it’s highly unlikely to get 100% on each, try to get at least 80-100% on Looks. Of the four different stats, this is the hardest to achieve without plastic surgery. Aside from this, you can increase your happiness and health by exercising, going for walks, and having a healthy diet. Intelligence, on the other hand, increases as you read books.

Next, you must master five or more instruments. Ideally, you want a character whose special talent is related to music. You will have a hard time achieving this if you are not musically talented. Once you can, go to the Mind and Body tab and choose Instruments. Scroll down to the instrument of your choice and take lessons several times a year. Start when your character is young, so you get free lessons before you turn 18!

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The next step is to head over to Martial Arts under the Mind and Body tab. Choose any martial art and continue taking lessons until you reach a black or red belt. Since there is no limit to the number of lessons you can take per year, you can continue to attend until you stop earning more belts.

You will want to befriend at least ten people throughout your character’s life. Whether through random encounters, school, or work, socialize and befriend as many NPCs as possible until you have at least ten or more. From here, maximize your relationships by giving them gifts, spending time with them, and giving them compliments.

Lastly, you must work at two different jobs for at least 20 years each. To do this, just make sure you start young and live a long life before you retire. For example, if you start working at 18, you can leave your job at 38 and move on to another job before you retire at 58. It doesn’t matter what jobs you have, as long as you work for at least 20 years without being fired. !

Once you complete these five tasks, you will successfully finish the Polymath Challenge in bitlife. For more information on a previous bitlife challenge, visit our coverage here.

bitlife is available on Android and iOS.

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