BioShock Games update is bugging Steam Deck users

A recent update to all three BioShock games causes problems for those trying to play on the Steam Deck, and it appears to be related to Linux.

A recent update for all three bioshock The games have been rolling out, but those who have the games on Valve’s Steam Deck device are a little bummed about the quality of life patch. With the first installment in the series being considered one of the best FPS games ever made, some are understandably concerned about this latest update, and it’s apparently related to the Linux operating system.

For those who don’t know, Steam Deck uses Proton, which is a version of Linux. Until this latest patch, users were able to play games on the Deck with no apparent issues, but a new 2K launcher added in the patch is what seems to be causing the issues. This also seems to affect those running Linux on a home PC.


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A recent report from PC Gamer cites a Reddit post complaining that the bioshock launches are now “broken” on handheld. While there are only two major updates according to the patch notes, namely that 2K account linking has been implemented and games now run through the publisher launcher, several Steam Deck users have found that they are unable to play any of them. the games. , particularly due to the operating system that the device uses. Some have turned to Steam to express concern that they can’t get any bioshock release to run since the update was deployed. Hopefully 2K Games will see the issues many are reporting and release a fix.

Since its release in February, Steam Deck has become a very popular mobile device. While it was originally touted as a competitor to the Nintendo Switch, it has since established itself as a more portable PC. Of course, most people will be using it for gaming, and it’s the ability to play games from a user’s Steam library that is the device’s main selling point. However, it also supports a USB keyboard and mouse, and some have even used the device to program simple games.

As for the 2K/Irrational games, a Netflix adaptation of bioshock is currently in process, with The Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence attached to the project. It is unfortunate that many Linux users are currently unable to play these beloved FPS games. The first entry in particular is perhaps the most celebrated of the three, but it’s frustrating that all of them suddenly stop working after what’s called a quality of life update has been released.

a new bioshock the game is under development.

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Source: PC Gamer, Steam

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