BGMI Celebrates Its Return With New Mortal And Thug Voice Packs

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has officially marked its return in India. The popular Battle Royale is currently available to download on the Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store. BGMI is back with several new features and updates. The replacement for PUBG Mobile India has a new map and plenty of in-game events to celebrate the return. In addition, Krafton, the developers of the mobile game, have also introduced new voice packs in BGMI.

BGMI players can play and download the voice packs of popular Indian gamers Mortal and Thug. “Exclusive voice packs from two highly acclaimed gaming personalities are set to enhance the gaming experience for users while contributing to the growth of the gaming industry,” the developers stated.

For the uninitiated, Naman Mathur (aka Mortal) and Animesh Agarwal (aka Thug) are among the most popular mobile gamers in India. The developers teamed up with the two players to introduce their in-app voice packs. “Mortal and Thug have been instrumental in fostering a thriving ecosystem for BGMI since its inception, establishing themselves as iconic figures within the community and fueling the game’s rapid growth in revenue and user numbers,” said Krafton. “Their exclusive voice packs will serve as an exciting addition to BGMI, elevating the gaming experience for users through a new dimension of personalization,” he added.

Thug and Mortal voice packs will include their renowned dialogue as in-game commands. The commands will be available in Hindi and English. Krafton believes that these voice packs will resonate with players, bringing them closer to their favorite players and enhancing their overall gaming experience.

The new voice packs are not free. Players will need to purchase the special voice packs from the in-game store using the virtual currency known as Unknown Cash (UC).

In case you missed it, BGMI can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. Just search for “BGMI” and you should see it in any of the App Stores. If not, click here to learn how you can continue to download BGMI on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

The new Battle Royale comes with a time limit to promote a healthy gaming environment. Players under the age of 18 can play BGMI up to three years a day. Plus, there’s parental verification and a daily spending limit for minors, both of which have been part of the game before it was banned last year. Others can play Battle Royale for up to six hours.

There is also a new map called Nusa. The 1×1 map is the smallest in BGMI and is based on a remote island located in a tropical area with distinctive mechanics such as zip lines, elevators, ATVs, etc. The small map also has room for some unique attractions and fun gameplay features. like zorb balls, a pool, combustible buildings, and destructible jars.

Krafton has introduced some special events, which players can participate in and earn special in-game rewards, including permanent outfits. You can click here to know more about it.