Best Jackbox Games for Large Groups

In 2014, Jackbox Games changed party games forever with the first Jackbox Party Pack. It contained a collection of fun games that anyone with a cell phone could easily play. This spawned a gaming powerhouse that would go on to release eight more Party Packs and numerous classic games. If you had a party and there were four or eight people who wanted to play, you were going to have a good time.

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But sometimes parties can get big. Like, very big. Sometimes you need to entertain an entire auditorium or broadcast live full of people. And if you want to play with everyone there, these are going to be the best Jackbox games for large groups.


9 fly swatter

Not all Jackbox games are huge hits. Some are just quick distractions that can draw a lot of people into a single game. This is Lie Swatter, a game in which players have to quickly identify if the fact in front of them is true or not.

The amazing thing about Lie Swatter is that it can support more than 100 players. That means it’s the perfect game to start playing in large groups. Lie Swatter may not be the most memorable Jackbox game out there, but it definitely gets the job done.

8 Lottery

Drawful’s first game was a wonderful breath of fresh air amongst a packed trivia game package. It has a single player draw a message while the other players try to guess what message was originally given or just come up with a funny answer. This has been given two sequels with Drawful 2 and Drawful Animate.

While audience support has been added for the last two games, any version of Drawful is wonderful to watch. The answers can get genuinely funny and the drawings are always great to watch, especially when they’re particularly terrifying. Drawful is always a crowd pleaser that can bring a smile to anyone’s face, no pun intended.

7 K.O. T-shirt

One of the best things to come out of Drawful was the creation of more drawing-centric games, including the crowd-favorite Tee KO, where players create t-shirts to battle it out to determine which reigns supreme.

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This is great fun for a large crowd because not only can the audience vote on which drawings they like best, but in the end, you can buy any of the shirts at the end of the game. But if you don’t want to spend the money on your own t-shirt, you can download the t-shirt designs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So even after this game is over, Tee KO can live with you forever.

6 divide the room

Split The Room has a single player fill in a blank for a yes or no question with the goal of dividing the other players as evenly as possible. Add in some cool Twilight Zone-esque aesthetics and an adorable host cat, and you have the makings of a truly memorable game!

The fun for larger groups in Split The Room is that the audience becomes a single player making decisions by majority vote. This makes the entire audience not just a spectator, but a participant in the game. While not everyone may be able to act individually, this still allows them to become even more involved in what’s happening on screen.

5 Quiplash

Quiplash is the quintessential Jackbox game to play with a large audience. Players are given two prompts in which they try to come up with the funniest or smartest answer possible. The answers are then displayed face-to-face and people vote for their favorites!

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The audience plays an important role here because each member can vote for their favorite answer. This means that the audience has much more influence than the players, so the players will have to play much more towards the audience. It’s a fun game and a great time, especially when you have a crowd.

4 champion

Party Pack Seven’s Champ’d Up carries the torch for Tee KO by having two drawings battle it out for supremacy. The difference here is that the first person draws for a prompt while the other player draws in response to the other without knowing what the prompt is. Not only is it hilarious to watch people’s art, but it’s even better when the competitor totally messes up.

Champ’d up gets even more fun with a crowd. Not only can they react to big/terrible giveaways, but they can also actively watch the votes change in the giveaway they want to win. In fact, it creates an atmosphere similar to watching a professional wrestling match. And if you particularly like any of the drawings, you can order a card game with them to take home!

3 in brackets

In Bracketeering, players are given a single prompt that they must respond to. Each answer is then placed in a tournament-style bracket to see which answer prevails. The following rounds follow the same format, except that the prompt may change randomly. Suddenly your answer may not be so good.

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Match up like in Champ’d Up, you can see these answers fighting each other in a cool energy beam effect, but what makes this work for larger gatherings is that 16 people can play at once. It involves a lot of people at once and the games are relatively quick as players only have to enter a single input at a time.

two Trivia Murder Party 2

Trivia Murder Party has become one of the most popular Jackbox games due to its amazing theming and fierce gameplay that makes you feel like you’re really trying to outrun a serial killer. It has become a fan favorite and is guaranteed to bring fun to any size of crowd. And the sequel is just as good too.

What sets Trivia Murder Party 2 apart from the original is the ability for the audience to dive in at the end and win the game. So not only do you have the dense tension and macabre atmosphere that already makes this game fun, but now the audience can be a part of it too. It’s a great addition to an already wonderful game.

1 The survey mine

Party Pack Eight’s Poll Mine is the perfect game for a colossal congregation. Players get trapped in a magical mine that they have to escape from by navigating through different doors. The correct gate is decided by multiple responses to a prompt and which response the players and audience liked best.

The Poll Mine can not only support up to ten players, but can also be arranged so that all players are against the audience. This means that the audience is not just a spectator or other participant, but their only opponent. This gives them even more agency, forcing them to invest in what happens on screen.

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