Ben Milliken saves the love of his life in the trailer for ‘Snag’

In an archetypal fairy tale, princesses wait for their knight in shining armor to rescue them in a castle tower guarded by beasts or dragons. But forget about medieval swords and shields, as Paramount recently unveiled the trailer for the upcoming action flick dubbed “A Modern Violent Fairy Tale,” in which a man uses weapons and fighting prowess to save love from their life as ruthless gangsters. Noble Engagehe ben millikenThe directed film will debut on Digital and in select theaters on April 28.

In addition to directing the upcoming film, Milliken will also star as the modern-day knight in shining armor in what appears to be a bloody affair packed with action, violence, and just the right amount of romance. Engage follows a lone wolf in Australia, living his life in peace after seemingly getting over the death of his mate. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that the woman he thought was dead has been alive all along, held captive by someone who seems to want revenge on him.


The British actor and filmmaker has appeared in a number of films, including run and shoot, alice lake, sonorous, newcastle, Party in the streetand emerald run. And this time, Milliken will sit in the director’s chair to direct himself in a film inspired by the screenplay for Brent A. Tarnol. Alongside Milliken, the upcoming action movie will also star jamie camil (jane the virgin), Jeanette Aguilar-Harris (Poker face), CJ Perry Barnyashev (cosmic sin), sofia castro (monster party), Johnny Beauchamp (Penny dreadful), and michelle ortiz (this fool), with Milliken, lamar billupsand doug metzger producer.

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Image via Paramount

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a modern damsel in distress

The damsel in distress trope has been used extensively throughout movie history, and we can name a ton of titles, but that’s a topic for another day. Apart from fairy tales, action movies also have the usual plot where a woman waits for a man to save her. While Engage uses the same usual plot, promises blood and action, while a strong female character is also present, as seen in the trailer, where a woman seeks revenge. But it’s too early to guess how Engage It will have a fee until it hits theaters and in digital format on April 28.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer and read the official synopsis below.

The quiet existence of a lone Australian wolf is shattered when he learns that the woman he once loved and thought dead is alive and held captive by ruthless gangsters. Now, to take on this dangerous criminal organization, he must find allies and break into a world of violence to rescue the love of his life in this gritty modern fairy tale.