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Bell on Tuesday announced the launch of its Fiber Gigabit 8.0 service in Toronto, offering 8 Gbps pure fiber Internet connections to customers.

The company said in a press release that pure fiber Internet connections with symmetrical download and upload speeds of 8 Gbps are now available in select areas of Ontario’s capital city. Bell claimed that the new service offers “the fastest Internet speeds available in North America.”

In addition, the national telecommunications operator also announced the debut of the Bell Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E, the latest and greatest in Wi-Fi technology, in both Ontario and Quebec.

“We’re excited that our customers in Toronto will be the first to experience Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 and Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E so they can enjoy the fastest internet speeds and best Wi-Fi technology in North America.” said Blaik Kirby, president of Bell’s small and medium business and consumer group.

“And we won’t stop here. We will continue to advance our commitment to providing a great Internet experience for our customers throughout our footprint.”

According to Bell, its Gigabit 8.0 service offers download speeds five times faster than wired connections and upload speeds 250 times faster.

Ontario is just the first to get Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0, as the company plans to expand availability in the coming months. As part of its aggressive fiber build, Bell plans to upgrade up to 900,000 more homes and businesses across Canada to connect direct fiber connections this year.

Each Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 connection includes a Bell Giga Hub with Wi-Fi 6E. The new Wi-Fi standard offers faster speeds per connected device and has more bandwidth to relieve device congestion.

Eligible customers can subscribe to Bell Fibe Gigabit 8.0 for as little as $135/month, which includes a $15/month credit for a two-year term. You can learn more about the service at

Bell has been offering Gigabit internet in much of Canada since 2015. The company launched 3Gbps pure fiber internet connections in April, with the fastest internet speeds in Canada at the time.

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