Bears’ Jaylon Johnson says Justin Fields is “extremely comfortable”

Justin Fields is entering a pivotal third season that weighs on his contract status and status with the team as the Bears’ signal caller.

There is some pressure for Fields to thrive this season. He has nowhere to hide in terms of excuses for the horrible level of talent on the roster. Ryan Poles and the Bears have handed him a respectable enough roster to improve on last season.

It shouldn’t be hard for Fields to find success this season. He’s already proven to be a playmaker on the ground and lead a productive offense. However, he needs to show that he can create offense through the air, which he hasn’t done effectively in two NFL seasons.

As for his expectations for this year, Jaylon Johnson is comfortable saying Fields will succeed.

“I hope it shines,” Johnson said in Keyshawn, JWill and Max. “I think it’s one thing to come in rookie year and learn a new system and then have to go into a new system. He never really had a chance to get comfortable. I think for him now he finally has a chance to get comfortable. He has some new guys. Everything is in an upward projection for him.”

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It will be intriguing to see how Luke Getsy navigates the Bears’ offense this season.

Last year, the Bears were the most run-dominating team in the NFL. They had the highest running game percentage, the most rushing attempts, and created the most rushing yards in the NFL (3,014). They broke the 3,000-yard mark as a team, for the first time in franchise history.

Obviously, that style of offense didn’t lead to much success. Yes, his defense ranked last in the NFL and it would be helpful to know how that offense would have performed with a slightly better defense. However, the modern NFL team relies heavily on passing the ball. And Fields needs to prove he can do that for the Bears before they go through with him.

Fields becomes eligible for the extension next offseason. His performance this season will dictate whether or not the Bears grant him that extension. Additionally, the Bears have the rights to the Carolina Panthers’ first-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft. If Fields doesn’t perform up to standards, the Bears could use that pick in a new signal call. .

It’s safe to say that most Bears fans — and Johnson — aren’t afraid of the outcome playing out next summer.

“Once he’s comfortable, which I think is now extremely comfortable and he’s very confident, it can be very dangerous,” Johnson said. “You’ll see a lot of that dominating quarterback play that you saw at Ohio State.”

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