Baja California Authorities Arrest 3 Linked to Shooting That Killed 10, Including 3 Americans Near Ensenada – NBC San Diego (20)

Investigators announced Wednesday the arrest of three suspects linked to a shooting in Baja California, Mexico, that left 10 dead, including three Americans who were participating in an event for ATV enthusiasts.

The men were arrested in connection with the shooting between what authorities believe were two organized crime groups in the sleepy town of San Vicente on May 20. Some of the members who died in the crossfire were San Diego residents participating in a point to point, off-road rally called “Cachanillazo”.

The suspects have been identified only by their first names: Edgardo, Luis Felipe and Hugo (Mexican authorities do not usually identify suspects by their last names).

State prosecutor Ricardo Iván Carpio Sánchez said their investigation led them to an address near Ensenada where a search warrant was served. Inside the home, authorities found weapons, what appeared to be methamphetamine and items believed to be related to the shooting, the Attorney General’s Office said. A white Ford Expedition with California license plates was also located, but its connection to the crime was unclear.

The shooting about 115 miles south of the San Diego border began when a black pickup truck loaded with gunmen began shooting at several parked cars. Authorities say another group returned fire and the black van was later found to have “shot holes and traces of blood inside.”

Ten people were killed in the crossfire, including three Americans, the US State Department said Tuesday. The people have not yet been identified, but NBC 7 has spoken with the families of two San Diego residents who died in the shooting, Roberto Isaias “Tito” Ayala, 22, and Josué Herrera, 19.

Family members of one of the victims told NBC 7’s Dave Summers that he was caught in the middle of a dispute between a criminal organization.

Ayala’s family said a group pulled off the highway in San Vicente, about 50 miles south of Ensenada, to fill up on gas before moving on to the next stage of the rally. Among the group was an organized crime leader who was the target of the attack, according to prosecutors.

Videos posted on social media showed heavy gunshots and at least three bodies lying on the ground. Nine other people were injured in the violence, Mexican authorities reported.

A Baja California prosecutor said more than 250 shots were fired from at least 13 weapons, including pistols and rifles.

A St. Vincent law enforcement official said there were no injuries among the townspeople.