Awesome Halloween-Themed Games That Aren’t Scary

Halloween is a delightful holiday as it is the perfect time to exploit all means of horror that can be found and take it in. While the season is all about that spooky aura, there are certainly a lot of people who don’t like being spooked but I love everything else about October’s staple.

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Fortunately, there are many ways that people can enjoy the holidays without focusing on that aspect. For example, there are a handful of non-scary horror games that are based around Halloween but don’t contain any big jump scares or goosebumps moments.


7/7 The Simpsons Hit & Run

While the game doesn’t initially start on Halloween, The Simpsons Hit & Run slowly sets the stage for a wild Halloween event in the middle of Springfield that will force Homer to do whatever he can to save the day against a potential alien takeover.

The game takes place over seven levels, each of which is an open hub where players can drive and complete missions. The final level takes place on Halloween, with the stage and various vehicles perfectly set with spooky vibes. However, players will probably laugh at the absurdity of it all rather than freak out.

6/7 ENCHANTED: Halloween ’86

The easiest way to play a game that won’t be scary is to play one that doesn’t have ridiculously realistic graphics. That’s where a delicious homebrew NES game titled ENCHANTED: Halloween ’86 comes to celebrate the season without being too much.

Players travel through the town of Possum and fight against various monsters in this 2D platform game. There is a lot of depth to the game’s combat system allowing different ways to attack each enemy. Initially released on the NES in 2016, this unique experience can now be played on PC as well.

5/7 pumpkin jack

For a more modern game that’s an October ode to the 3D platformer genre, look no further than pumpkin jack. This colorful experience puts players in the shoes of the Pumpkin Lord known as Jack, whose goal is to protect Evil and defeat all that is Good.

Weather pumpkin jack It has a lot of platforming moments, there is also a lot of action in the game for those who enjoy facing different monsters in this spooky setting. There are also some puzzles for those who enjoy a good problem to solve and completing them will help Jack move towards his destiny.

4/7 MediEvil Remastered

The original PlayStation has a lot of wonderful games, so it’s no wonder so many remakes are coming out of that era. One of these remakes is MediEvil Remasteredwhich originally launched in 1998 before its revival in 2019.

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Exclusive to PlayStation 4, MediEvil is about a knight named Sir Daniel Fortesque who was killed by a sorcerer named Zarok. Accidentally resurrected by Zarok’s magic, the knight seizes the opportunity to kill his killer once and for all. The action-packed game never explicitly mentions Halloween, but the setting and art are definitely a celebration of the season.

3/7 batman arkham knight

Some of the scenarios that superheroes have to deal with in comics can be a little scary, but it’s going to be hard to be scared in batman arkham knight: A game where the player controls the hero that Gotham really deserves.

The game begins on Halloween night, with Scarecrow causing a mass evacuation of Gotham City by threatening to unleash a horrible drug known as fear toxin. the gameplay of batman arkham knight heavily revolves around combat and stealth while simultaneously doing investigative work.

2/7 night in the woods

Those who enjoy a good story, including one that has a perfect mystery for a Halloween night, will enjoy experiencing night in the woods. The plot revolves around Mae when she returns home after dropping out of college. She comes to town to see how corporations and the closure of local mines have slowly made life more difficult for her community.

On top of that, some people start to disappear and Mae and her friends start to investigate why that might be happening. Weather night in the woods itself isn’t scary, there are elements that focus on mental health that some might see as incredibly intense.

1/7 costume search

The best part of Halloween was being a kid, dressing up in a cool costume, and going trick-or-treating. And, of all the possible non-scary games about Halloween, none have captured the idea quite like costume search.

Another classic from Double Fine Productions, costume search is a single-player role-playing game starring a pair of twins who get separated after a monster kidnaps one of them. The remaining twin must go around the neighborhood to get other kids to help them defeat the monsters that took his brother. Along the way, players can collect important items like candy and costume parts.

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