Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 cancels its live event in Florida

Awesome Games Done Quick, the winter companion to Summer Games Done Quick, is taking place online next year in 2023. In a tweet, the Games Done Quick organization announced that instead of hosting an in-person event in Florida, it would be returning the Speedrunning charity event broadcast live to an online format.

In July, Games Done Quick hosted its first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the success of Summer Games Done Quick’s hybrid format that featured streamers both in person in Minnesota and remotely, the organization running the charity event cited continued concern over the COVID-19 pandemic and the unique political situation in Florida as the reason it’s going online-only again.

games made fast tweeted: “Given the state’s continued disregard for the dangers of COVID-19 (including anti-mandate policies) and increased assault on LGBTQ+ people, including the law known colloquially as ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ we don’t think it’s a place sure. for our community.”

also explained that the organization signed a contract with a venue in Florida in 2020 and that the costs involved in potentially breaking the contract to relocate the event elsewhere would be too high.

In addition to its major bi-annual events featuring diverse racers and commentators, Games Done Quick is also known for hosting a series of streaming events designed to highlight speed racers from underserved communities. Flame, Frost and Fleet Fatales are GDQ’s women-only benefit broadcasts, in June it hosted a June 16 celebration spotlighting black sprinters, and a number of GDQ’s regular shows begin with a statement “Trans rights are human rights.” “. It is commendable that the organization is willing to take a financial hit to keep its diverse community of racers and fans safe.

AGDQ 2023 will take place January 8-15 with funds supporting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Registration for volunteers and game presentations will open on September 11.

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