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Life is all about what you make of it. Or at least so the saying goes, I suppose. This week, we have an app to help you make the most of your time, an app to help you document it, and an app for the moments in between. As usual, if you have something you’d like us to review for a future Awesome Apps post, be sure to email your suggestion or tweet them!

Happin App Screenshots
Happin helps you plan fun, unique and exciting moments almost effortlessly.
Photo: Happy


Sponsored: Have you ever found yourself struggling to find a friend to go to a concert with? Or maybe you want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster and extend an open invitation to a group of friends to join. With the Happin app, you can create plans and let your friends join in, without the hassle of texting everyone on your contact list.

Happin is designed to make it easy to find or create events for you and your friends. It can also help you find events happening in your area. Whether it’s a weekly “wine and paint” social, an impromptu game of ultimate frisbee, or the aforementioned concert or movie, Happin helps you find others to join in the fun.

Whether you’re the type of person looking for something different to do, or want an easier (or even automated) way to plan a get-together or get-together with a few friends, Happin makes it super simple. Start planning your moments the easy way with Happin and see how he makes his events the place to be.

Price: Free

Download from: app store

Minutiae app screenshots
Sometimes life is not exciting. And those moments deserve to be captured too.
Photo: minutiae


Much of social media is the most curated bits of life. Even the most “spontaneous” moments are carefully framed, edited and staged. Honestly, it’s a bit annoying. But with Minutiae, the feed is gone, the likes and comments are gone, and the moments you capture are truly unpredictable.

The idea is simple and clever: every day, you will be asked once (via a push notification) to take a photo of what is happening around you. right now. Never predictable. Never the same minute of the day twice.

Within 1 minute of the push notification, launch the app and you will be greeted with a 5 second countdown. When the timer expires, the app takes a photo. No second takes, no editing, no time to set up a scene, just capturing life as it happens.

After taking your photo, you can view other photos captured at the same time by other users. Navigate and you’ll be back on your “grid” (a huge wall of tiny thumbnails) until the next photo opportunity. At some point (approximately 1440 days) you will be able to download the entire collection in a moment, or even print them in a limited edition book (limited quantities). It really is the opposite of a social network and it’s really a unique way to capture life’s most mundane moments.

Price: $0.99/month (or pay once and have it forever for $14.99)

Download from: app store

1 second every day
Capture life’s moments in 1-second bits, every day with 1SE
Photo: 1 second every day

1 second every day

I try to capture a photo or video of something with my family every day. Sometimes it’s something fun that happens in the house, other times it’s moments in the park. It’s something I’ve done for most of the last 4 years. And if you’re like me, sometimes it can overcomplicate the process, 1 Second Every Day is a great way to help you capture those special moments in bite-sized chunks.

Focused on the idea that sometimes less is more, 1 Second Every Day (or 1SE) allows you to capture a 1 second long video clip every day. This allows you to create a quick, personalized video compilation of those special moments in life.

If the limitations of a single second each day are too much, or if you want to capture a little more of that special event, like a wedding or vacation, Freestyle mode lets you shoot more freely throughout the day. Best of all, 1SE makes it super easy to create a beautiful compilation of those clips to immortalize your memories.

Price: Free (upgrade to Pro for $49.99/year)

Download from: app store

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