Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Underrated Horror Film Is Now On Netflix

Published: 2023-06-01T10:45:48

Updated: 2023-06-01T10:45:58

One of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most underrated horror movies has just arrived on Netflix.

Schwarzenegger may be one of the greatest action stars of all time, but it’s easy to forget that horror was his launch pad to global stardom: The Terminator, at its core, is a tech-noir slasher, unlike its sequel, which defines blockbuster.

Predator is another classic, but its greatest strength isn’t the bulging biceps, one-liners, or jaw-jiggling monster of its title: it’s the only movie that makes people believe Arnie might be afraid of something.

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Amid FUBAR’s success on Netflix, you can now rewatch a sacrilegiously underrated horror film in his filmography, one that pits him against the ultimate personification of evil: the Devil himself.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s End of Days is now on Netflix

End of the days stars Schwarzenegger as Jericho Cane, a depressed, alcoholic detective who is forced to stand between Satan and Armageddon after arriving in New York in search of a woman who will be the mother of the Antichrist.

Watch the trailer below:

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Released in 1999, it’s a zany mix of pre-millennial mania and pulpy religious mythos, laced with iffy CGI and a grunge-rock soundtrack (two hallmarks of the next decade’s movies). It was trashed upon its release, currently sitting at 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Among his most scathing reviews, Mark Kermode wrote: “Idiot beyond the point of redemption, this sinfully stupid hogwash manages to insult audiences and critics, Christian and Satanist alike, reducing 2,000 years of fertile mythology to the level of a pop video.” incoherent”.

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Philip Wuntch of the Dallas Morning News also wrote: “You will come out of End of Days wanting to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s how bad this movie is.”

We’re not reviewing it as a masterpiece – it’s depressing and disgusting, but also downright silly at the same time – but let’s just say we have a difference of opinion. Also, “you’re a fucking choirboy compared to me!”

But for all the accusations that it’s derivative and uninspired, after more than two decades, End of Days feels utterly unique: a sad end-time thriller with Arnie’s whiplash at its core (it has its funniest “f*ck you” by far). Plus, she has an excellent turn from Gabriel Byrne as Satan, making her a top choice for a double feature with The Devil’s Advocate.

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