Arkansas vs TCU (Fayetteville Regional) Live Score

The national third seed Arkansas Razorbacks (41-16) is ready for a clash with the second seed TCU Horned Frogs (38-22) in the Fayetteville Regional on Sunday at Baum-Walker Stadium.

The game was initially scheduled for 8 p.m. CT on Saturday, but rain delays throughout the day allowed only the Santa Clara vs. Arizona game to be played.

With Santa Clara beating the Wildcats, the loser of Arkansas vs TCU will play the Broncos on Sunday night in an elimination game at 8 pm CT. The winner will advance to the regional final on Monday.

Both teams clinched wins Friday as Arkansas earned a 13-6 victory over fourth-seeded Santa Clara in the opener and TCU took on third-seeded Arizona with a 12-4 victory Friday night.

Winners of the Big 12 Baseball Championship, TCU is on a seven-game winning streak and has won 17 of its last 19 games.

The Horned Frogs are ready to start right-hander Sam Stoutenborough (3-0, 4.31 ERA), a transfer graduate from California. He allowed three runs and nine hits, walked one and struck out three in his last outing against Kansas State.

Arkansas, which is the home team in the contest, will start sophomore left-hander Hagen Smith (8-1, 2.69 ERA) for Friday’s contest. Smith allowed two earned runs and five hits in 3 2/3 innings pitched in his last outing against LSU. The First Team All-SEC pitcher walked one and struck out nine in the contest.

Notably missing from the Arkansas lineup is second baseman Peyton Holt, who sat out the ninth inning of the Santa Clara game after suffering a back injury in the eighth. Holt is dealing with an upper back strain, according to Phil Elson, an Arkansas baseball expert. Harold Coll will replace Holt at second base.

HawgBeat will provide ticket-by-ticket updates for Sunday’s contest, which will be televised on the SEC Network…

starting lineups


1. CF Tavian Josenberger (C)

2. DH Kendall Diggs (L)

3. 1B Brady Slaves (L)

4. 3B Caleb Cali (right)

5. RF Jace Bohrofen (L)

6.LF Jared Wegner (right)

7. 2B Harold Coll (right)

8.C Parker Rowland (C)

9. SS John Bolton (right)

SP: Hagen Smith (left)


1. CF Elias Nunez (L)

2.C Karson Bowen (right)

3. 3B Brayden Taylor (L)

4. 1B Cole Fontenelle (C)

5. 2B Tre Richardson (right)

6. DH Kurtis Byrne (right)

7. SS Anthony Silva (right)

8.LF Luke Boyers (C)

9. RF Austin Davis (right)

SP: Sam Stoutenborough (right)

First 1 (TCU)

~ Elijah Nunez grounded out to third on a 1-1 count.

~ Karson Bowen worked the full count and then drew a walk with one out.

~ Brayden Taylor singled to right, Bowen advanced to second.

~ Cole Fontenelle was hit by an 0-2 pitch to load the bases.

~ Tre Richardson drove the first pitch he saw over the wall to right for a grand slam. (4-0)

~ Kurtis Byrne was walked on four pitches.

~ Anthony Silva singled to right on a 0-2 count, Byrne advanced to third.

~ Silva stole second base.

~ Luke Boyers struck out looking for the second out.

~ Austin Davis hit a two-run single to right field to score Byrne and Silva. (6-0)

~ Davis was caught stealing second by Parker Rowland to end the frame.

6 runs, 4 hits, 0 errors, 0 LOB

1 Bottom (Arkansas)

~ Tavian Josenberger led off with a solo home run to right. (6-1)

~ Kendall Diggs struck out swinging.

~ Brady Slavens struck out swinging.

~ Caleb Cali grounded out to shortstop.

1 run, 1 hit, 0 misses, 0 LOB

Top 2 (TCU)

Bottom 2 (Arkansas)

Top 3 (UTC)

Bottom 3 (Arkansas)

Top 4 (UTC)

Bottom 4 (Arkansas)

Top 5 (UTC)

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Top 6 (UTC)

Bottom 6 (Arkansas)

Top 7 (UTC)

Bottom 7 (Arkansas)

Top 8 (UTC)

Bottom 8 (Arkansas)

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Bottom 9 (Arkansas)