ARK: Sabertooth Salmon – How To Tame And Feed!

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Find out everything you need to know about sabertooth salmon in our ARK: Survival Evolved guide. But also how to catch it, tame it and what to feed it.

You’ll find Sabertooth Salmon on all ARK maps in rivers or lakes, where they often travel in a small swarm.

This is the Sabertooth Salmon in ARK: Survival Evolved.

Appearance: Sabertooth Salmon are relatively large for a fish, but are still one of the smallest creatures in ARK, when compared to other animals in size. Their large, sharp teeth, which grow at the tip of their mouths, are especially striking.

Wild: As soon as something larger than itself enters the water, the Sabretooth Salmon will flee, even in a swarm. This means that he will also swim away from you. But don’t make the mistake of underestimating him, because if you hit him and he survives, all of his teammates will come after your head.

A Sabertooth Salmon won’t do much damage, but an aggressive swarm that locks you in can cost you your life.

Domesticated: Once you’ve tamed a Sabertooth Salmon, you can keep it as a pet or harvest it for Raw Fish Meat or Premium Raw Fish Meat.ARK_Sabertooth_Salmon-scale - Guided

Tame saber-toothed salmon in ARK: Survival Evolved

You can tame sabertooth salmon using the fish basketwhich was added to ARK within the Aberration DLC.

For him fish basketyou need to reach level 13 and 6 engram points, as well as the following resources:

  • 60 fungal wood
  • 120 fiber
  • 40 straw

Place the fish basket in the water and wait for a fish to swim nearby, then open the basket menu and click “Catch a Sabertooth Salmon”.

If you go into the water now, you can click on the fish trap and choose “release”, the sabertooth salmon will appear tamed next to you.

How to feed a sabertooth salmon in ARK

Once you’ve tamed your sabertooth salmon, it’s important to know what it likes to eat. Saber tooth salmon are carnivorous, which makes food choices easy.

  • Raw lamb:
    • You get it by gutting Ovis.
    • When cooking, it becomes the cooked lamb chop
  • Prime raw meat:
    • you win by gutting larger creatures
    • when cooked, it becomes a grilled steak
  • Premium quality raw fish meat:
  • Raw meat:
    • you get when you gut a creature
    • cooking it becomes grilled meat
  • Raw Fish:
    • you get by gutting fish
    • when boiling, it becomes boiled fish

Sabertooth Salmon Farming in ARK

Sabretooth Salmon cannot currently be farmed in ARK: Survival Evolved.ARCA-SABERTOOTH-SALMON__ - Guided

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