ARK: Direbear – How to tame, feed and breed!

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Find out everything you need to know about Direbear in our ARK: Survival Evolved guide. But also how to catch it, tame it, feed it and raise offspring as well.

You’ll find the Direbear primarily in the redwood forests of each ARK map, where this territorial honey lover will attack you directly if you get too close.

This is the Direbear in ARK: Survival Evolved

Appearance: The Direbear is a large bear often seen in redwood forests eating honey.

Wild: As a territorial loner that will attack you if you get too close, Direbear can only be enjoyed from a safe distance.

Domesticated: If you have a tamed Direbear, you have a strong fighting animal, which is particularly effective in one-on-one fights.

Since he is immune to bee venom, he can easily use it to collect honey or help tame giant bees. Due to its immunity, it is also suitable for the fight against the giant bee Bayla, which you have to defeat to get Fenrir.ARK_Dire_Bear-scaled - Guided

Tame the Direbear in ARK

How to hunt a Direbear: To avoid being shredded by the Direbear right after you hit it, you must follow one of the listed safety precautions before shooting it:

  • Stand on a higher position, such as a cliff, large stone, or rock.
  • Use a flying animal where you can use your weapons to shoot the Direbear while in the air, for example a griffin.
  • Place big bear traps, it will come in when it is chasing you to catch it.
  • Or use the ball of chain to fix it.

If you meet one of these security requirements, you can easily shoot it to dreamland.

How to tame it: Once he is unconscious, put the kibble or honey in his inventory to feed him. To keep the stun value high, it’s best to use anesthesia or narcoberries. Normally, the Direbear will not require any additional sedation.

How to Craft the Direbear Saddle

To craft the Direbear chair, you need to reach level 74 and 40 engram points to unlock the recipe. Now you need the following resources:

  • 300 Hide
  • 130 fiber
  • 100 Cementing Paste or Achatina Paste

How to feed a Direbear in ARK

Once you’ve tamed your dire bear, it’s important to know what it likes to eat. Direbears are omnivores, which makes food choices easier because they are omnivores. means: You can offer him meat, berries, vegetables, etc. and will eat them.

However, as a sweet tooth, Direbear prefers the following treats:

  • Giant Honey Bee
  • superior kibble
    • Ingredients: 1 Large Egg, 1 Prime Dried Meat, 2 Citronales, 5 Fibers, 2 Rare Mushrooms, 1 Sap, 1 Water
    • Ingredients for Prime Meat Jerky: 1x Cooked Prime Meat, 1x Oil, 3x Sparkpowder
  • Croquette (Carnotaur Egg)
    • Ingredients: 1x Carnotaurus Egg, 1x Savoroot, 1x Cooked Meat, 2x Mejoberry, 3x Fiber, 1x Water

Direbear Breeding in ARK

This is how you prepare for breeding: If you have a male and a female specimen, at best build an enclosure that is large enough. Place both dinosaurs on the pen and set them to “roam” via the command menu. Alternatively, you can also switch directly to “Match”, but there must always be a player nearby, otherwise the match will stop due to rendering.

The mating interval for giant bears is 18 to 48 hours.ARK-Direbear-baby - Guided

If you play with the default settings, the female Direbear is, after a successful mating, pregnant for about 4 hours. After these 4 hours, you can welcome the little Direbear cub. As a puppy, she needs about 4.5 hours of your attention, in which you have to put food in her inventory. Pay attention to stamping intervals every 8 hours to bring out the baby’s fullest potential.

Once it reaches the juvenile state, it can feed itself through the feeder. The total maturation time is approximately 1 day and 22.5 hours long.

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