Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE: price, release date and reservation

Like a watch, new Apple watches have been announced, but this time there are more than one. During its recent “Far Out” event, Apple finally delivered the details of the new iPhone 14 lineup, along with the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and a new Apple Watch SE. Apple has never announced so many watches at once, and now they’re hitting three different prices simultaneously. That can make deciding between them a bit more challenging, but when can you get yours once you finally make your choice?

The second-generation Apple Watch Series 8 and Watch SE are scheduled to land on September 16, while the Watch Ultra is scheduled to launch on September 23, with pre-orders starting today. We’ve only had a little hands-on time with them so far, but we’ll have more impressions and more coverage soon. However, if you want to be an early adopter, here’s where to get each model so you can get yours the day it arrives.

How to reserve the Apple Watch Series 8

The Series lineup now continues with the Apple Watch Series 8. The wearable continues the same formula as previous flagships, but now features a temperature sensor, fault detection, a low-power mode, and extended period and tracking. of ovulation.

Like the previous model, the 41mm model starts at $399 with GPS and $499 with cellular connectivity. If you prefer the larger 45mm model, it’s available for $429 with GPS and $529 with cellular connectivity. Each model is available for pre-order starting today from Apple and is scheduled to arrive on September 16.

Three models of Apple Watch Series 8

apple watch series 8

The latest model in the Apple Watch series looks a lot like the previous Series 7, but now features car accident detection, a temperature sensor, and a low-power mode. It is currently available to order in Midnight, Starlight, Silver, and Red.

How to reserve the Apple Watch Ultra

While it was always safe to refer to the Apple Watch series models as the flagship, now there’s a specialized one that’s arguably more worthy of that title. The Apple Watch Ultra is bigger and tougher than previous models at 49mm in size, and has a customizable action button and built-in dive computer to appeal to a more discerning outdoor audience. free. It also has a higher price tag of $799.

If you’re the active type or just a weekender who wants the best, you can currently pre-order the Apple Watch Ultra directly from Apple. It’s scheduled to ship a bit later than the other new models, with an estimated arrival set for September 23.

apple watch ultra

With a 49mm titanium case, the Apple Watch Ultra is the largest of Apple’s new wearable devices. It has an action button, three microphones, a built-in dive computer, night mode, approximately 36 hours of typical battery life, and newly designed bands designed to meet the rigors of heavy outdoor use.

How to reserve the Apple Watch SE (2022)

Last but not least is the new Apple Watch SE for 2022. This is the latest entry-level Apple Watch, replacing the previous SE, and inherits the Apple Watch Series 8’s fault detection and S8 CPU. Like the last model, though, the second-gen SE sacrifices niceties like an always-on display.

If you don’t need or don’t care about all the latest features, but want a new watch for yourself or someone in your family, the SE can be yours starting at $249, the price of the 40mm GPS model. The larger 44mm Apple Watch SE with GPS is $279, while the cellular setup, which is essential if you plan on using Apple’s Family Setup feature for kids, retails for $299 in the 40mm configuration. and $329 in the 44mm configuration. All configurations are available for pre-order starting today from Apple and are expected to ship on September 16.

Apple Watch SE (2022)

The new version of the Apple Watch SE shares the S8 processor from the new Series 8 Watch, but trades in features like an always-on display and temperature sensor for a much lower price. It also supports the new car accident detection.

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