Antonio Banderas Becomes a Ruthless Hitman in The Enforcer Trailer

Millenium and Screen Media shared an exclusive trailer for their upcoming thriller with Collider today. The executor. The stars of the black thriller Antonio Banderas (Unexplored) Y kate bosworth (the immaculate room) as members of an underground organization who come face to face when she endangers the life of an underage girl she befriended. That is when the executor decides to save the girl, despite knowing that doing so could cost him her life. The production companies also shared with Collider the release date of the film, which is set for September 23.

the trailer of The executor makes it clear that we are about to see two very different sides of Banderas. The character of Academy Award nominee Cuda is ruthless when it comes to his hitman jobs, but he’s equally fierce when he feels injustice is being done. The problem is, when he decides that he no longer wants to follow his mob rules, no one is on his side.


The trailer also reveals Banderas’ arc with a young man making a name for himself in the underground wrestling rings. Even though he seems to have the opportunity to lead a normal life, he will have to make a decision: Can you put aside potentially criminal activity once you discover that you are really good, and make good money, at it? We’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.

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The executor is led by richard hughes, who makes his film debut after directing a list of short films. The script is written by W. Peter Iliffwho also wrote the Keanu Reeves modern cult classic Breaking pointas much as patriot games starring Harrison Ford, Under suspicion with gene hackmanY college blue with jon voight.

In addition to Banderas and Bosworth, the cast of The executor also has Wet Aria (AppleTV+ Watch), Zolee Griggs (Wu-Tang: An American Saga), Y alexis ren (deportee). The cast also features the international superstar and the rapper. 2 chains, who has already done some acting work, but is now making his first feature film. The rapper has had music in high-profile movies like The fate of the furious, 22 Jump StreetY the first purge.

The executor opens in theaters and On Demand on September 23. You can check out the trailer and check out the new poster below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

Miami mob’s top enforcer, Cuda (Antonio Banderas), sacrifices everything to dismantle the criminal organization he’s built his entire life when he discovers his boss Estelle (Kate Bosworth) is putting the life of a young man in grave danger. fugitive. Now he has one last chance to make up for his past and find redemption, both for himself and his family, before the mob comes after him for his betrayal.

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