Antonio Banderas and 2 Chainz have a tense encounter on The Enforcer

Just before the premiere of the new movie. The executor, we have an exclusive brand new clip. The film, starring Antonio Banderas as a hitman who decides to become a hero when his conscience gets involved, will be released by Screen Media Films on September 23. You can get a sneak peek by watching our clip below with Banderas visiting a trap for a meeting. with a somber character (2 Chainz) when things get a little tense.

Of course, Banderas is well known to moviegoers after spending decades in the movies, from Outlaw Y The mask of Zorro towards spy kids movies and The cat with boots. But this clip also provides a glimpse into the feature film acting debut of 2 Chainz, who is best known for his accomplishments as a rapper. 2 Chainz had previously appeared on television shows. two broke girls Y Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


Along with Banderas and 2 Chainz, The executor stars Kate Bosworth, Aria Mojean, Zolee Griggs and Alexis Ren. The film is directed by Richard Hughes and makes his directorial debut with a feature film from a screenplay by W. Peter Iliff. The official synopsis is as follows:

Miami mob’s top enforcer, Cuda (Antonio Banderas), sacrifices everything to take down the criminal organization he’s built his entire life when he discovers his boss, Estelle (Kate Bosworth), is putting his life in grave danger. of a young runaway. Now he has one last chance to make up for his past and find redemption, both for himself and his family, before the mob comes after him for his betrayal.

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The executor has a lot of heart

While Antonio Banderas gets his hands dirty in The executor, the movie is not your typical action movie. In his review of the film, our own Julián Román praised The executor for allowing Banderas to explore more of his dramatic side instead of keeping the guns blazing from start to finish. The result is a movie that might surprise some viewers with the amount of heart they’ll find in the story.

The executor It’s not a wall-to-wall action movie,” explains Roman. “Richard Hughes, a famous commercial director, makes the right narrative choice with his feature film debut. He gives Banderas time to establish Cuda’s character and change his mind. This is a critical pick in a quick ninety minutes. Hughes has some baffling editing breaks during the second act. I think that’s where he decided to slow down the action and let Banderas carry the emotional weight.”

He added, “The executor it goes beyond the typical genre films with a modicum of depth. The audience gets a fair share of violence but also cares about the characters. A surprisingly poetic ending sets it apart even further from the usual b-movie crap.”

The executor will be released by Screen Media Films on September 23, 2022. It is a Born to Burn Films, Millennium Media and Nu Boyana Film Studios production. You can watch the full trailer for the film below.

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