Android owners must remove three apps now or your account could be BANNED

ANDROID owners should beware of social media apps that could see their WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter accounts banned.

There are a variety of apps available on the Google Play store, but Android owners need to be selective with what they download.

Apps that promise followers and likes are widely recognized as hotbeds for data theft.


GBWhatsApp is an altered version of WhatsApp created by third-party developers.

It is not directly available on the Google Play store and instead has to be downloaded to an Android device, which cybersecurity experts often advise against.

GBWhatsApp works like WhatsApp, but has a number of custom features.

It might look appealing, but owning the app might get you banned by WhatsApp.

“If you received an in-app message stating that your account is ‘temporarily banned’, it means you’re probably using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app,” the social media messenger wrote in a post. blog now removed.

WhatsApp warned users that if they do not switch to the official app after being temporarily banned, their account could be “permanently banned.”

GB WhatsApp and others like it, like WhatsApp Plus, violate the Terms of Service for messaging apps owned by Meta.

Since then, the official WhatsApp has introduced some of the features that people once used GBWhatsApp for, such as the ability to transfer from one phone to another.

Thus, the app has become almost useless anyway.

Third Party Instagram Apps

App variations like these can also get you banned from Instagram:

  • Get likes from followers
  • Real followers and likes via tag
  • Followers for instagram likes+

Instagram has urged users not to use apps like these, because they often offer likes or followers in exchange for their Instagram login details.

“None of these services are affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram, and you should not use these apps or allow anyone else to access your Instagram account,” Instagram said in its Terms of Service.

Unsurprisingly, if you provide these apps with your login information, either through an access token or your username and password, they can gain full access to your account.

This not only puts your safety at risk, but also the safety of friends, family and others on the platform.

“If it appears you’ve shared your login details with one of these apps, we may remove any likes or other engagement they’ve generated,” Instagram warned.

“Accounts that continue to use non-Instagram apps to get more followers may notice that certain parts of their Instagram account are limited.

“If you use one of these apps to get likes or followers, your account may be disabled or terminated.”

If you have shared your username and password with one of these apps, you should change your Instagram password to protect your account.

While you’re at it, it’s probably best to delete the app as well.

Twitter Follower and Liker Apps

Twitter says it will temporarily block or suspend people from Twitter for promoting third-party followers and likes apps on the platform.

While the company doesn’t explicitly say that it will ban Twitter users from having these apps installed on their phone, they are widely recognized as hotbeds for data theft.

It is advisable to keep these apps away from your phone.

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