An unusual diagnostic experience with MUCAR CDE900

THE ANGELS, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the rapid development of automobile electrification, the mechanical and electrical integration of diagnostic products is becoming more and more obvious. While we do our best to improve the function of the car through the electronic control system, the difficulty of fault diagnosis becomes more and more difficult. To improve the quality and efficiency of maintenance, the company proudly presents the MUCAR CDE900, a new generation of diagnostic devices.


MUCAR CDE900 is a very powerful device. It has a large 4-inch touch screen, while other OBD devices on the market typically have very small screens. The CDE900 can be performed directly on the screen and activate the data display format at the same time, including compact option, magnification option, curve graph option. The running speed is nearly 30% faster than other traditional OBD devices. There’s also a set of physical buttons below the screen, which is easy to use with gloves on.

MUCAR CDE900 supports reading fault codes of engine, EGR system, oxygen sensor, oil system, catalytic converter and emission controller, etc. Android 6.0 smart system ensures fast and stable system operation. Adopt 2G memory and 16G storage with SD card extended up to 256G. Common fault codes can be quickly read with the click of a key. The fault codes will be classified by colors and users you can choose the different data to compare. Such change of displayed data provides an accurate reference.

Also, while connecting with WiFi, users cand send all vehicle diagnostic information and diagnostic results via email to professional mechanics for technical help. Lifetime free OTA update saves a lot of fees in the future and eliminates the trouble of downloading, transferring and installing. MUCAR CDE900 supports 16 languages, communication protocol optimization. It is compatible with vehicles after 1996. Users cand even pay for an advanced package on the MUCAR CDE900 to unlock more system features.

The MUCAR CDE900 achieves a superior standard in both appearance and function. It is currently available on AliExpress, Ebay and other e-commerce platforms. MSRP is $49.

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