An R-rated horror version of THIS Disney classic is currently in the works

Sleeping beauty horror movie

Credit: Inside the Magic / Walt Disney Studios

When Charles Perrault’s 1697 fairy tale Sleeping Beauty was adapted for the big screen in the 1959 Disney animated classic, it became an instant blockbuster phenomenon spawning countless movies and TV shows over the years. But it’s safe to say that no one could have anticipated that this charming children’s story would eventually get the horror treatment.

From the one starring Angelina Jolie Pernicious movies to other iterations in Once upon a time and a batch of Disney animated sequels, Princess Aurora and the tale of Sleeping Beauty it has transcended time to become a beloved classic through many generations.

But while many creators have put their personal touches on the beloved story over the years, this might be the most surprising adaptation yet: a horror tale of Sleeping Beautywhich begins shooting this August in the UK.

Maleficent Dragon Sleeping Beauty
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

The unusual trend of children’s stories having a horror twist has only persisted through the years, with 2023 Winnie the Pooh: blood and honey having notably debuted to less than impressive reviews back in February. there is also the next cinderella curse (2023), which promises to show the “bloody hounds” a ruthless and murderous version of the princess of the same name.

And now, it looks like Aurora is the next Disney princess to star in a bloody horror retelling. As reported by fucking disgusting, ITN Studios will distribute sleeping Beauty Massacre, which will be produced and directed by Louisa Warren, one of the minds behind cinderella curse. Jasmine Ebony Thomas is typing.

Fairy Godmothers 'Sleeping Beauty'
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

The film’s synopsis reads: “The beautiful princess Thalia is left in ruins after the mysterious death of her father. She lives with Prince Edison, with whom she is in love but she can no longer marry since she lost her status. Queen Velma wants her kingdom for herself and will use her dark powers and her occultism to take control of her by any means necessary.”

Velma, who plays Maleficent in the film, “plucks Thaila into a deep sleep so she never wakes up, until one day she does and her web of lies begins to collapse around her. There will be one violent turn after another with bloody and graphic deaths.”

sleeping beauty aurora
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

Starring Lora Hristova, Lila Lasso, Leah Glater, Robbie Taylor, Sophie Rankin, Charlotte Coleman, and Judy Tcherniak, the director teased the upcoming film, telling the outlet:

This movie will turn everything on its head as you know it. It’s wild, dark and absolutely horrifying. I set out to create the most uncomfortable horror experience to date. There will be lies, blood and a great massacre. If you look back at the source material, there’s a lot to play with.

Maleficent Sleeping Beauty

Story details have yet to be confirmed, but Warren is certainly right that there is plenty of source material to play with. Sleeping Beauty Massacre. Will Aurora’s “true love’s kiss” be replaced by a “true love’s death”? Will he go after “Maleficent” in revenge for having put a spell on her?

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see. But until now, Sleeping Beauty Massacre is shaping up to be one of the most unique adaptations we’ve seen in recent years.

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