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Do you want entertainment without complications and without having to download anything on your phone? Well, Google has a new browser game: The descent of the serpent. Set in Mesoamerica, this game invites you to discover pre-Columbian cultures with a gameplay and style similar to the classic Zelda.

The games that Google develops for your Doodle are usually very attractive and educational. In general, they are more or less simple titles that are used to pass the time during downtime in the office or waiting for the bus, although they can also be there are hard-working examples that offer hours of fun. The Tokyo Olympics RPG is a good example. And the one he has just developed for Arts & Culture is not far behind.

Discover the Mayan culture in a classic RPG

The purpose of Google games is usually oriented to knowledge around very specific topics. This is what happens with the Doodles, commemorative creations that serve to celebrate cultural, social or astronomical events. And it is that, since we have passed the autumn equinox, Google Arts & Culture has developed a fun game in collaboration with the National Museum of Anthropology of Mexico.

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The game we are talking about is called Serpent’s Descent. With a simple design, Inspired by classic Zelda-style RPGs, Google proposes a temporary excursion to the time of the Mayans to discover their culture and traditions. Set against the fall equinox, the mechanic involves retrieving stolen items before the aforementioned equinox arrives.

The descent of the snake is a browser game that you can access from your mobile or from your computer. It’s not too much of a learning curve as it only has one action button and the virtual pad. The rest is common to all RPGs: exploration, talk to the different characters that populate the jungles, caves, beaches and mountains, recover stolen objects, find others that are somewhat more hidden and learn. Much.

descent of the serpent

There are two ways to access this new Google game: directly from the browser (without downloading anything) or through the Google Arts & Culture application (by downloading the app). From what we have tried, the experience improves with the application, especially in character control: descending with the virtual controller sometimes triggers the page reload gesture. It is a bit disgusting.

descent of the serpent

It is not excessively long, it is worth entertainment for an hour. And the best thing is that you will learn many curiosities about Mesoamerican cultures. In addition, you can expand this knowledge through Google Arts & Culture itself, it is very worthwhile.

To access The Descent of the Serpent you just have to direct your browser to this Google Arts & Culture page. If you prefer to play from the application, you only need to download it from the application store of your mobile.

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Google Arts and Culture

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