Amazing Sims 4 Hogwarts Build is CC Free

A clever Sims 4 player has brilliantly recreated the movie version of Hogwarts, impressively using zero custom content in the castle design.

A bright sims 4 the player has recreated Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts in the game, impressively without using custom content. Recreating pop culture venues in The Sims 4 is an incredibly popular player activity, with users doing everything from movie sets and cartoon environments to locations from their favorite reality shows. After players design their creations, they can share them online with others using the sims 4 Gallery.

Construction has always been a big part of The Sims series since its first installment, and the tools for players have only increased over time. The Sims 4Build and Buy mode offers a wide range of options, from building walls and roofs to landscaping. Design options are further increased with DLC for the title, each offering players new furniture along with other building components such as windows and cladding. Even with all these different things at their disposal, gamers will often choose to download custom fan-designed content for The Sims 4 in an effort to further expand its design capabilities.


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Reddit user TheSimScrolls shared an amazing Harry Potter-inspired online build this week that surprisingly doesn’t use custom content. The user has expertly recreated the tall spiers and rocky foundations of the ancient castle, and manages to capture the ancient feel of the castle and its staggering size despite the restrictions imposed by sims 4 lot sizes An impressive video of the build process can be found via The Sim Scroll’s YouTube channel, showing the various intricacies of the recreation. While the interior of the Hogwarts building is currently unfurnished, the user has future plans to fill the interior as part of an ongoing project. Harry Potter Serie.

This Sims 4 Harry Potter Build Is Truly An Impressive Sight

massive though sims 4 Fantasy builds are nothing new to the gaming creative community, the fact that this player used absolutely no custom content throughout his design process is truly amazing. Custom content is almost ubiquitous with detailed recreations like this, especially when the build involves a fantasy setting, like The Sims 4 it often provides little content that adequately fits the aesthetic that gamers are looking for. A build without custom content is a boon for players who want to download and play this Hogwarts set, as users can simply download the castle directly from the sims 4 Gallery and start using it without searching for additional parts online.

This is not the first time this player has created an impressive build without CC; previously, TheSimScrolls designed an amazing sims 4 Rivendell version of Lord of the Rings without the use of personalized content. Although this clever creator will not share his version of Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts until they’ve furnished the entire lot, players can surely look forward to playing out their own fantasy stories within the build once they do. While personalized content is a welcome staple in the sims 4 community, CCless builds like this can sometimes seem especially magical.

Source: TheSimScrolls/Reddit, The SimScrolls/Youtube

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