Amalgamated Bank Increases Investment in First Hawaiian, Inc. Amid Mixed Performance and Analyst Reviews

Amalgamated Bank recently made a move on shares of First Hawaiian, Inc. (NASDAQ:FHB) up a tremendous 25.7% during the fourth quarter, according to the 13F filing filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). . The institution held 82,193 shares of the bank’s capital stock after acquiring an additional 16,805 shares in the period. As stated in the most recent reporting period, Amalgamated Bank owned approximately 0.06% of First Hawaiian, which is worth $2,140,000 today.

First Hawaiian’s Dividend Payout Ratio (DPR) stands at approximately 48.60%, indicating its commitment to shareholders who received a quarterly dividend payment issued on Friday, June 2. Upon review of their records on May 22, those shareholders of record were entitled to $0.26/distribution. It is claimed that, of all the dividends disclosed by First Hawaiian so far this year, this particular piece is among the highest yielders, while its ex-dividend date was recorded on May 19.

However, despite the positive news emerging from the company’s filings and SEC reports, FHB has not fared well when it comes to analyst reviews recently. Ratings appear to be slipping among investors based on recent data compiled from; showing a clear and apparent average rating of “Hold” and a consensus price target tagged at $23.67 along with ratings given by three analysts as “hold” or “sell”. Indeed, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group along with and Wells Fargo appear less hopeful of expecting strong First Hawaiian Inc. share price performance after lowering their price targets during published reports. between April and May of this year. year.

Investors understandably seem conflicted about the value of their investment as stocks remain low and fluctuate constantly in a volatile market dominated by high volatility. For investors considering First Hawaiian Inc., it’s worth noting that the outlook looks bleak based on consensus ratings among expert financial analysts. The company can only be expected to take steps to improve their performance and reassure their investors or they risk losing revenue and investor confidence in the future.


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Updated on: 05/06/2023

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Institutional investors flock to First Hawaiian Inc. (NASDAQ:FHB) as undervalued bank offers stability and growth amid economic uncertainty

First Hawaiian, Inc. (NASDAQ:FHB) has attracted the attention of several high-profile hedge funds, with many making changes to their positions in the company in recent months. This activity not only speaks to the perceived growth potential of the company, but also highlights a key trend within the financial industry: investors are looking for banks that can deliver value and profitability in an uncertain economy.

Orion Portfolio Solutions LLC reportedly purchased a new interest in First Hawaiian during the third quarter of 2022 valued at approximately $383,000. Meanwhile, the North Carolina State Treasurer increased his stock position by 1.3% in the fourth quarter of 2022 and now owns 55,440 shares valued at $1,444,000. Other hedge funds have also increased their holdings significantly. , including HRT Financial LP, which increased its position by 111.1% over the same period, and Jupiter Asset Management Ltd, which increased ownership by a staggering 1,219.8%.

This flurry of investor attention is part of a growing trend to identify undervalued banks with strong fundamentals and growth prospects in current market conditions. While no one can predict market fluctuations and economic downturns, it seems that hedge fund managers are increasingly looking for companies that offer some stability amid uncertainty.

In addition to these hedge fund moves into First Hawaiian stock, CEO Robert S. Harrison recently made headlines after purchasing 23,500 shares at an average share price of $21.61 for a total transaction worth more than half a million dollars ($507,835) on March 16 earlier this year.

In addition, First Hawaiian shareholders received good news when the bank announced that quarterly earnings had prompted it to declare a dividend payment for June of this year equal to $0.26 per share issued on Friday of last week to those eligible before the 22nd. May of this year.

Trading was fairly flat after this news with First Hawaiian stock opening June 5 at $18.06 with a market capitalization of $2.30 billion and a current PE ratio of 8.44, with Q1 EPS falling. just below analyst expectations at $0.52.

As institutional investors continue to take an interest in First Hawaiian’s stock, it appears the bank is well positioned to attract more investors who focus on value and long-term growth as they weather future market vagaries.