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We have good news for fans of claudia tanwriters and fans of angsty romance novels in general; the film adaptation of Tan’s popular novel perfect addiction It’s almost here. He perfect addiction The novel began its life on Wattpad, where it attracted a devoted following. Now those fans will be able to see the characters of Sienna, Kayden and Jax brought to life by the actors. kiana madeira, ross butlerand Matthew Noszka. It will not only perfect addiction will be on Amazon Prime Video, but will even be available to view in theaters in a special two-night-only Fathom event, giving fans a variety of ways to experience this new film.

Kiana Madeira and Matthew Noszka kissing as Sienna and Jax in Perfect Addiction
Image via Prime Video

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When can you watch Perfect Addiction?

perfect addiction premieres on Amazon Prime Video on March 24, 2023. Rated R for language and sexual content, it’s definitely not the movie to watch with the whole family, but it could make for a great date night or a group of friends.

Is Perfect Addiction streaming or in theaters?

Ross Butler and Kiana Madeira kissing in Perfect Addiction
Image via Prime Video

While perfect addiction will be available primarily to view on Amazon Prime Video, will have a limited theatrical run, with multiple theaters showing the film on March 27 and 29. Tickets for these special performances are available through Fandango, so if you’re interested in seeing perfect addiction in a theater, be sure to check if it’s showing near you.


This angsty triangle should rock audiences as Sienna, Jax and Kayden show just how thin the line between love and hate can be. Fans of the book and fans of the genre, in general, will find a lot to enjoy with this new movie. So whether you prefer to enjoy combative, romantic tension in theaters or in the privacy of your own home, perfect addiction got you covered.

Is there a trailer for Perfect Addiction?

He scored the song “Joke’s on You” by charlotte lawrence, the trailers clearly establish the basic premise of the film as we see Sienna’s seemingly perfect life with Jax, the charismatic self-proclaimed baddie, unravel and her professional and personal relationship with Kayden intensify. Fans of training sequences and fight choreography will find a lot to like here, as scenes of romance and passion are interspersed with violent and desperate boxing matches. “Some people are lovers, others are fighters. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference,” Sienna says in voiceover.

Who is in the cast of Perfect Addiction?

Kiana Madiera and Matthew Noszka in Perfect Addiction
Image via Prime Video

perfect addiction Starring Kiana Madeira as Sienna. Madeira is best known for playing Deena on the Netflix series. fear street trilogy. She also played Nora in the After movie series. He After series, like perfect addictionIt started life on Wattpad and it’s an equally harrowing romance. Audiences should enjoy seeing Madeira bring to life the character that Claudia Tan described as

“strong, physically speaking, but makes some questionable decisions in the process…Her journey to overcome her flaws is something that feels gratifying to watch.”

Starring opposite Madeira as Kayden is 13 reasons whyIt’s Ross Butler. Butler, in addition to playing Trevor in the Netflix series to all the boys film series, he also plays adult Eugene in the Shazam movies and lent his voice to the frontman of Spine in Raya and the last dragon.

Matthew Noszka plays Sienna’s former bad boy, Jax. Noszka previously appeared in Nike modeling campaigns, playing the role of Jackson on the Fox show. Starand played JP in the Netflix movie Let it Snowbased on the book of the same name written by John Green, lauren miracleand maureen johnson.

The role of Sienna’s sister, Cara, is played by Bree Winslow. Winslow played Callie in the CryptTV series Stereoscope and also appeared as a background character in Euphoria and in an episode of the forest.

Nicholas Duvernay and manu bennett they also play supporting roles. You may remember Duvernay from the recent romantic movie. purple hearts and his appearances in the series Bel Air. Bennett has been seen previously in the series. Spartacus where he played Crixus and in the CW series Arrow where he played Slade/Deathstroke.

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What is the perfect addiction all about?

Based on the novel of the same name, perfect addiction follows Sienna Lane, a brilliant boxing trainer, whose picture-perfect life falls apart after she catches her boyfriend, mixed martial arts champion Jax, sleeping with her sister. Desperate for revenge, Sienna decides to train Jax’s rival, Kayden, and the two bond over their mutual desire to see Jax humiliated in the ring. However, this seemingly simple plan is complicated when Sienna and Kayden begin to develop feelings for each other.

The official synopsis for the film reads:

MMA trainer Sienna thinks she and her champion boyfriend Jax are the perfect team. That is, until the day she catches him cheating on her with her own sister. Hell-bent on revenge, Sienna begins training the only man capable of dethroning Jax: her archenemy Kayden. What starts out as revenge quickly escalates into something much more heated as the lines blur and the workouts become gripping. Based on the popular Wattpad web novel by Claudia Tan with over 86 million reads.

Who is on the creative team behind Perfect Addiction?

Ross Butler and Matthew Noszka fight in a cage at Perfect Addiction
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In a natural move given his previous job, castilla landon was chosen to lead perfect addiction. This isn’t the first time Landon has worked with Kiana Madeira, as Landon was the director of both. after we fell and after ever happy. His experience working on those films should serve him well given the similar genre and audience for the After series and the Perfect series. Castille Landon also directed the 2021 psychological thriller fear of rain.

perfect addiction is, of course, based on the popular book of the same name by author Claudia Tan. Tan has made a name for himself with the Perfect series of books. While all the books in the series may stand alone, they exist in a shared universe. perfect addiction It is the first to make the leap to the screen, and it remains to be seen if the other books also receive adaptations. author of tan lists colleen hoover as one of his biggest influences, so perhaps heartbreak shouldn’t come as a surprise.

the script of perfect addiction written by Stephanie Sanditz. Sanditz previously created the television series chat like love and created and starred in the series The good life.