All Upcoming Video Games Based On Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics is enjoying a period of pop culture prosperity. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the most popular and successful entertainment franchises of all time. People enjoy Marvel content in theaters, on their televisions, online, and even in comics. With this media spread, it’s no surprise that Marvel has a lot of video games to their name.

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There are currently several well-known Marvel video games, including Guardians of the Galaxy Y wonderfullySpiderman. However, things look even brighter on the horizon for Marvel gamers and fans. Several projects have been announced in development, covering a wide range of Marvel content.

7 Marvel World Of Heroes brings superhero action to life

Marvel joins franchises like Pokemon Y jurassic world at the launch of an AR game. marvel world of heroes is an upcoming mobile game developed by Niantic and is designed to be a social and interactive experience. By allowing players to create their own superhero, the game invites them to fight villainy in their everyday lives.

Little is known about the game, other than its core concept. marvel world of heroes It promises to give players a sense of genuine heroism as they play the game and allow them to explore several different versions of the Marvel Universe. The main mechanics, the price and even the release date have not been announced yet, however, it states that it will be released in 2023.

6 Midnight Suns is a tactical card-based RPG

Marvel’s Midnight Suns it is one of the most anticipated Marvel games to be released soon. It is being developed by Firaxis, the company behind the XCOM Y Civilization Strategy games. midnight suns scales it down a bit, focusing on teams of three superheroes battling waves of enemies. The game is scheduled to launch for PC in December 2022, with consoles to launch later.

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midnight suns focuses more on the darker and more magical side of Marvel. It features Lilith as its main villain and includes heroes like Blade, Doctor Strange, and Ghost Rider. Using cards rather than dice rolls to produce their random effects, players must enhance their heroes’ abilities through research, deckbuilding, and social interaction. Before long, they unleash their upgraded heroes in tactical, turn-based combat.

5 Insomniac’s Spider-Man game is getting a sequel

Few superhero games have caused as much of a stir as wonderfully Spiderman for the PS4. Released in 2019, the game quickly became popular for its heartwarming story, exciting open-world gameplay, and the feel of a Spider-Man comic brought to life on gaming consoles.

Spiderman received a split in the form of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Now a third game is in development. Marvel Spider-Man 2 is slated for a 2023 release, and while its story hasn’t been confirmed, teasers indicate it will feature Spider-Man’s longtime nemesis, Venom.

4 Marvel SNAP is a more traditional head-to-head card game

The online card game market is doing well. games like Hearthstone Y Magic: The Gathering Arena they have dedicated player bases. snap of wonder it is Marvel’s attempt to enter the market. It promises to play like a more conventional card battle game, rather than the tactical card-based game of midnight suns.

snap of wonder will allow players to build a team from combinations of many of their favorite heroes. It claims to be a fast-paced card game, designed to go faster than many of its contemporaries. snap of wonder is currently available in select territories and will launch worldwide for IOS and Android on October 18, 2022.

3 An Iron Man game is confirmed to be in development

Iron Man has achieved a huge rise in status thanks to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He served as one of the main characters in the MCU’s Infinity Saga and underwent one of the most radical character arcs of his. However, many of his games have been disappointing or downright bad.

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After much speculation, EA confirmed that Motive Studio is developing an Iron Man game. Iron Man The game will tell an original story, not beholden to the comics or the MCU. Billed as the first collaboration of many between Marvel and EA, its release date is unknown, but it’s likely several years away.

two Insomniac is also making a Wolverine game

Insomniac Games were given their choice of heroes when they made marvel spider man. Since then, they have announced that they will face another of Marvel’s most popular characters: Wolverine. The game will be exclusive to PS5 and has not been given a release date.

details for Marvel Wolverine are still scarce. It will focus on Wolverine but will share continuity with Insomniac marvel spider man games. Other than that, it is not known how similar it will be to the Spiderman games, or how prominent a role other X-Men will play in the game’s story.

1 An untitled WWII game will feature Captain America and Black Panther

Most of the upcoming Marvel video games take place in the present day, taking cues from the MCU. However, an upcoming game from Skydance Media plans to look back to a more advanced age for the Marvel Universe. The game is untitled and little is known other than the base concept. It will focus on Captain America and Black Panther, working together in World War II to fight HYDRA.

The game will feature King Azzuri as Black Panther, rather than King T’Challa, who is better known to fans. In addition to its two central characters, it will also give players the chance to play as Wakandan spy Nanali and Howling Commandos member Gabriel Jones. Based on its cast and setting, it seems likely that the game will take inspiration from the Flags of our Fathers narrative arc.

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