All Rune Factory Games, Ranked

the rune factory franchise originated as a spin-off from the farming simulator role-playing game history of the seasons (formerly known as harvest moon), in celebration of its tenth anniversary. rune factorythe first entrance, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon it won over players with its blend of ancient farming and social interaction mechanics with dungeon crawling and fantasy elements. Franchise producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto summed up the game as “harvest moon where you wield a sword.

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As fans cross their fingers for news of another installment in the franchise after the lukewarm reception of Rune factory 5′launch, let’s revisit rune factoryPrevious entries of . here they are all rune factoryThe games of , ranked from worst to best.


7 Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

As the game that started it all, there is no way not to remember this title fondly. Without her, all rune factory titles that fans know and love today would not exist. But nostalgia aside, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is easily the most badass title in the franchise as rune factory he began to discover himself.

It’s by no means a bad game, but it serves better as a launching pad for the rest of the series rather than one of its gems, all of its successors making improvements and adding clever twists to its delicious formula.

6 rune factory 2

rune factory 2 marks the moment when rune factory truly became its own franchise, independent of history of the seasonswith the references to the original series that appear in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon being dropped rune factory 2 It remained fairly similar to its predecessor, with the exception of its comprehensive child mechanics and its inclusion of marriage rivals.

Having children is an established element of the franchise, but this entry requires having a child to trigger the second half of the plot, in which the protagonist’s son becomes the main character. These additions remained the most dynamic offspring-related mechanics in the series.

5 Rune Factory: Frontier

Rune Factory: Frontier acted as a direct sequel to rune factory 1 and the franchise’s first foray into the realm of 3D design. Visually, the game is one of the most impressive in the series and is everything fans want. rune factory 5 I was. The dimension and depth of the 3D graphics are achieved while maintaining the lush and ornate trademark quality of the franchise’s usual 2D settings.

Despite her admired beauty, Rune Factory: Frontier is dragged down by its new Runey system which has been the bane of many a player’s existence, as well as a lackluster story.

4 Rune Factory: Tides of Fate

rune factoryThe first derived input and the second to present 3D graphics, Rune Factory: Tides of Fate adventures further from the roots of the franchise. Instead of starting with an amnesiac main character, the game’s two protagonists are suddenly pulled from their home island and trapped in a single body. In addition to an intriguing plot and cool aquatic setting, the title is also often credited with having the best combat system in the series.

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Nevertheless, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny’s lousy agricultural system and its lack of rune factoryIconic character portraits drown out the best qualities of the game.

3 rune factory 5

Unfortunately, this long-awaited game disappointed many fans with its long-awaited release. Its biggest disappointments are its graphics and unstable frame rate that results in laggy gameplay and longer load times. although past rune factory titles had explored 3D graphic styles, rune factory 5The attempt failed. While its character models are charming, the overworld is overly sprawling and lacking in detail, giving the game a sparse, empty atmosphere in stark contrast to its old rich and inviting aesthetic.

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However, leaving aside all its negative aspects, rune factory 5 it still offers the fun gameplay and charming characters the franchise is known for. It also adds many quality of life mechanics and is the first entry to allow players to marry same-sex romantic characters.

two rune factory 3

Despite being one of the oldest entries in the series, rune factory 3 It features what is arguably the coolest gameplay mechanic in the franchise, the ability to transform the protagonist into one of the monsters players usually fight against. This unique mechanic is an important aspect of rune factory 3′s plot that revolves around uniting the worlds of monsters and humans, creating an innovative and entertaining game both in its story and in its gameplay.

rune factory 3 it also showcases some of the best character designs and outfits in the franchise, thanks in part to the fictional city’s wacky fashion designer. To further reaffirm its uniqueness, a remastered Rune Factory 3 Special has been announced for Nintendo Switch, with plans for a 2023 release.

1 Rune Factory 4/4 Special

Originally released in 2012 as rune factory 4a remastered version of the title was released as Rune Factory 4 Special in 2019 for Nintendo Switch. The revamped game managed to reinvigorate the rune factory franchise, which led to the launch of rune factory 5 just a few years later, a game that fans never thought would come true. With such an important role in sustaining the series, it’s no surprise that the game is the best of the bunch.

From the character-oriented franchise, rune factory 4 it is the entry that offers the longest dialogue script and the most opportunities for character interaction, with the game’s cast constantly triggering special dialogues with NPCs and the protagonist. The title was also the first to massively expand its romance components, expanding on the dating and post-marital mechanics. It’s the epitome of comforting and cozy play.

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